Friday, June 22, 2012

The bees knees

After a year of constant creakiness in the knees we finally decided to bite the bullet and get surgery last month.  What we thought was simply roughed up cartilage on the bottom of my knee cap as a result of poor training for last year's Ragnar was actually that combined with a genetic problem with the way my knee caps sit way too tilted up to the inside.  So while this is partly my fault due to poor motivation, I'd like to place a large chunk of the blame with my parents.  I'll be sending you a bill mom.
The "Before" x-ray
The "After".  Does anyone else think the one on the right looks worse post-surgery?
 The surgery went awesome- I think.  I was knocked out, which is how I like it.  For days this was the only view of the world I had as I phased in and out of a heavily medicated state:
I found Lortab to be terribly effective.  According to Zach I was pretty chill to be around.
Zach:  No kidding.  Everyday I was greeted by a hi (yes, spelled like this) and a warm, slightly glazed smile. No need to worry about cleaning the bathroom, making the bed, cleaning dishes, etc. I'm honored to be entering a profession that brings such joy to its customers and spouses.

They told me not to drive while taking the medication, but I hope they weren't referring to the electric grocery carts at Macey's.  I've always wanted a legit reason to drive one of those around, but for some reason I couldn't get quite the same juice out of it as its usual elderly occupant.  Those guys are dangerous.
While I slowly graduated from the grabby toddler walk to the zombie walk to the t-rex walk to my current stiff gait Zach more than made up for my sluggish inactivity.  For the first time I was forced to be a spectator to the races as he did the Dirty Dash with the fam and the Ragnar (again) with his pharmacy class.

Shout out to the Fam for finishing and Justin's work, Vivent, for providing tckets!