Wednesday, March 5, 2014

1st Birthday Bash

We had a rockin' party for Eli's first birthday.  Can you possibly guess the theme?

Zach: Here's a hint.  Chuck Norris, Tom Selleck and Ron Burgundy.  Three of the manliest men alive
 Seriously... a piece of jalapeno beef jerky just appeared in my hand by virtue of combining those names in a single sentence.  Here's a Ron Swanson video on how to grow your own "whatever these men have in common".

Why is Zach not smiling?  I don't know.  And if he thinks that scruff
passes as a mustache... well, think again.
Zach: I don't always grown facial hair.  But, when I do...

 Grandma and Grandpa Haight and Eli playing peek-a-boo

Don't worry Tawny, sometimes facial hair just isn't meant to be. 
Eli and Rod crack me up.

Oh my.  I beyond love Hazel in this picture.

Leave it to Gabe and Jerica to turn a picture into artistic statement

Carter wins the award for the best portrayal of Charlie Chaplin 

Isaac and his cute girlfriend Sami,
the "cool ones"

 Randy, our amazing photographer and Chanel,
amazing at everything

"Look mom!  30 pictures later and I'm still hamming it up!"

For some reason when I see this picture all I can think is 
"plethora of sweaters"

Cheers bro. 

Melissa looks adorable.  Standing in for Anthon
with my mustache coming off I look less so.

While he may not have understood the reason for the party, Eli knew he was the center of attention and showed off his "no hands!" trick constantly

As a treat for Eli I thought I would let him demolish his own personal cake with all the mess he could possibly make.  I envisioned something like Brucie- because let's face it, that's the dream.  Or at least my dream.

In preparation, we stripped him down to his diaper, ready for the mess, and instead of diving in we saw a dainty side of Eli we have never witnessed before or since.

Thanks to everyone for coming to Eli's first birthday bash.  Post party instructions here.

Next year I'm thinking Togas.