Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I love fall.

I hate raking and bagging leaves.

But I love toddlers playing in the leaves.

So I still love fall.

There's nothing about carving pumpkins that I don't love.  Except potty-training Eli while doing it.
"Where did that water on your chair come from El- ohhhhhh...." 5th pair of underwear that day.

And there is absolutely NOTHING that Eli didn't love about being Batmam and trick or treating.

And I love themes. We didn't have the cool-coordinated kind, just the lazy-copying kind.


Things to remember: Porter


Port (obvs)
Port-Snort (snorting is his communication medium of choice)
Port-a-boo (unavoidable)
Grump-a-wump (kid has a bad case of "resting grump face")

Girl look at that belly
Porter is the sloppiest, noisiest and most restless nurser I have ever encountered. If he wasn't so chubby I would worry that nothing is making it to his stomach.  A few weeks ago I tried to very discreetly feed him in Relief Society- bad move.  Thirty seconds in he started making what sounded to me like wild goose mating calls while choking on his own gluttonous consumption.  Every eye in the room politely but intensely turned my way as the nursing covered writhed with his ferocious kicks.  Nothing to see here folks, just drowning my child in milk is all.

We won the newborn sleeping lottery.  For now.  Which means we'll probably win a bout of chronic head lice or something when he's 8.  Porter sleeps through the night and takes a nice long afternoon nap.  This is the result of zero effort on my part and I worry that easy come, easy go.  But for now we just shed tears of joy.

Favorite Activity
Diaper changes.  I kid you not.  He lights up and starts flashing those pinky gums when he's put on the changing table and coos and babbles all during the whole ordeal.  I got his first smile out of him during a particularly nasty episode.  Patty-cake is a close runner-up.

 Sibling Relations
Guys, it was bad.  Eli did so well for the first month, but once it was clear that Porter was really not leaving we had a very hard couple of weeks.  Our once sweet little toddler had murderous intent in his heart ("Mommy, can I die Porter?", "No, we love Porter!", "No.") and only resumed some measure of sanity after taking a "Special Eli Trip to Utah" for three days of being coddled by grandparents and cousins away from Mom and Porter.    Although I'm sure it will be a bumpy process with lots of ups and downs, we seem to be on an 'up' this week and I love watching my cute-again Eli love on his brother.

Fuhgeddaboudit.  Unless he is dead asleep Porter will not hold still in any arms, but especially not in mine.  It doesn't matter if it's been three minutes or three hours since he last ate he goes hog-wild and roots away.  Note that this doesn't mean he doesn't want to be held; just don't expect a peaceful or calming snuggle.  Also, he's enormous.  Who needs weights?

We had this boy blessed a few weeks ago on a trip to Utah so that we could enjoy as many family and friends as possible (not that I doubt everyone WOULD have made the drive to our wonderful little town had we blessed him in Elko).  To our groupies- you guys are the best.

These sweet girls below are my favorite.  Both of them lived at my house at some point during high school or college (or both) and I was lucky enough to spend a summer in Mexico with Anai's family.  Now here we are more than 10 years later with 1.5, 2 and 2 kids each.  It's a good life.
Great camera phone skills Mom!