Friday, July 20, 2012

Zions: heat of a thousand suns

The past month or so has been blogless because, you know, we were busy.  And, you know, lazy.  We’ll catch up on all our recent happenings soon, but for now we would be remiss if we didn’t record the extreme awesomeness that was our trip to Zion. 

The last time I was at Zions Zach and I were just starting to get “serious” and I was trying my very best to impress him with my adventurous and up-for-anything spirit, willing to conquer any hike or jump in any river. 
Thanks to Anthon for making all our pictures from that trip hilarious.
Now, three years later, Zach is my favorite person to complain to about the heat, my aching legs, and my hungry tummy.  In fact, if Arianne and Carter hadn’t gone with us I probably would’ve made him carry me half the time.  So much for my independent spirit.

As it was, the trip went marvelously well and the only carrying Zach was required to do was my water bottle and occasionally my fruit snacks. The start was rough- we arrived to 104 degrees and a shadeless campsite with the warning that absolutely no fires were allowed.  Lame.  Luckily we had brought our trusty camping stove and we soon learned that even tin foil dinners and s’mores can be made on those things.

 Zach took the disappointment much better than I did.

 We tried to hike while it was cool, and when it got unbearably hot we’d either a) get wet in some river or pool or b) find a visitor’s center or shop that had AC or c) find an excuse to drive somewhere so we could sit in the air conditioned car.  While that may sound wussy I would like to point out that we were the only campers in the whole campground that weren’t in an RV or trailer.

Our hikes were gorgeous as expected.  Day one was a warm-up: Weeping Rock.

Day two was the one I was most nervous for: Angel’s Landing.  I have to admit, I wasn’t sure my knees would hold up post-surgery, but with Zach pulling or pushing me along as required we all made it to the top. 
Failed Pocahontas pose

Cheesy march up "Walter's Wiggles"
The hard part
What happens if you fail the hard part
Victory at the top!
Zach.  Being Zach.
The hike was hard.  It left its mark.

 The last day was the Narrows.  It was so fun that we decided that next time we’ll do the whole thing top to bottom.

I learned on this trip that I'm not that great at imitating the warrior cry of the Sand People.

 We pretty much ate like kings while camping thanks to the multiple gourmet chefs onsite.  Okay, just one- thanks for keeping us healthy Air!

 Zach and Carter wouldn’t be any kind of men if they didn’t feel the need to compete.  In this case it was mouth size.

Zach: Apparently the idea of eating spiders while sleeping is a myth.  This is too bad, because adjusting for mouth size I'd like to think of Carter and me taking them out in droves during the night hours.  Clarissa and Arianne really wouldn't be pulling their weight, however.

The women followed suit.  Somehow Arianne still manages to look attractive while doing it.
And then Chubby Bunny.
Carter's mouth may be bigger, but my cheeks are stretchier.

Thanks to the Mixen for having us along!  We're sorry for whatever craziness we might have caused.