Sunday, July 15, 2018

Eli's Preschool Graduation

I must admit, when I saw "Preschool Graduation" on the schedule that they handed out at the beginning the school year I scoffed and rolled my eyes.  "Graduating" from what was basically an extremely structured play date sounded over-the-top in the extreme.  But then they snuck the above picture into my Spring Picture Day Packet and you better believe I shelled out $20 because it was so flippin' adorable.

The whole affair was just a cuteness overload.  Eli gave the little welcoming speech, they sang two songs, recited a poem, had a slideshow, and then Eli "walked" and crossed the bridge into his bright future.  They even marched in and out of the theater to Pomp and Circumstance.  Can you blame me for tearing up just a little bit?

Eli was nominated as "The Little Professor" due to his love of sharing what he feels is vital information with the rest of the class.  I just hope it was correct information, at least sometimes.

Even though it's just preschool, Zach and I are so proud of Eli.  He's learned his letters and numbers, memorized his address and my phone number, his handwriting has improved tremendously and his confidence and social skills have grown.  He's so ready for kindergarten!

Special thanks to my mom for lending the occasion extra specialness with her presence.  Everything is cooler when grandma is there!

Can't Get Enough of St. George

Have we mentioned that we love St. George?  We also really love the Judkins.  So OF COURSE we'll drive down the loneliest, least attractive and most depressing stretch of road through central Nevada to family reunion with them.
And yes, that is a verb.

The kids were in heaven with their favorite cousins around 24/7.  Add the pool, a few weird bugs, and the ever-present delicious food and they wanted to stay for life.

I often hear friends complain about strange or unpleasant in-laws, but I really can't relate.  Zach's family is just the best and we love them all so much!


Easter 2018

Every year at Easter and Christmas Zach and I have an unrecognized, unspoken battle about what to put in baskets and stockings.  Zach is all about the treats.  Being an extreme foodie, his fondest memories revolve around food and sharing it with his favorite people. 

Now I love my holiday chocolate as much as the next girl, but I remember the things.  The books, the jewelry, and the little toys.

Thus we silently push our mini agendas on our kids.  Turns out, they're too manic on holidays to really care about anything yet, so we both come away with a feeling that maybe we won, so we do it again the next year.

But no matter what opinions my boys express in the future, I will always insist on Easter pictures.  I LOVE THEM IN BOW TIES SO MUCH!

Happy Easter everybody.

Friday, July 6, 2018

When Grandpa Turns 90, You're There

The illustrious paterfamilias of the Magleby clan turned 90 in March, which, as I'm sure you must agree, is a huge accomplishment.  We all thought so, at least, so we turned up en masse to celebrate with him.  All of grandpa's sons, most of his grandchildren, and all of his great-grandchildren were there.  We love him!

We also love St. George, and we'll take any excuse we can to hike around the beautiful area.

Since we were already so far south, we decided to go just a bit farther to visit Eli's girlfriend Gwen in their new house in Phoenix.  Carson and her family were wonderful hosts!  We loved hanging out with them.

We also got to spend a day with Great-Grandma and Grandpa Allred.  I hope my children will someday realize how lucky they are to have 4 grandparents and 8 great-grandparents around to love and spoil them.

On the long drive back up north we spent a few days in Las Vegas.  It was one of those things that SOUNDS so fun to do with kids (we slept in a CASTLE, for crying out loud) and it was!  They loved the pool, M&M world, the Bellagio fountains, and all the lights and sounds.  BUT we definitely ended up carrying them waaaaaay more than I would have liked, I was terrified of losing them in the crowds, and a few of those billboards elicited some very awkward questions from Eli. 

By the end of the trip we were just thrilled to have us (and our car) home in one piece.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Snapshot of Motherhood

The following pictures were taken by Porter from my phone.  He knows he's not allowed to mess around on my phone, but we were in a rush to pick up Eli from preschool, and as long as he sat still I let him have it.  

Normally he takes a million pictures of carpet fuzz, or even more of his double chin if it's in selfie mode, but this time he got me.  

Right now, this is motherhood for me.  Clothing the boys.  Washing the boys. Feeding the boys.  Ferrying the boys. Listening to endless stories and comments.  Teaching, disciplining, and being taught in turn.  Comforting, snuggling, and wiping bums.  I often feel so dang boring because this is what I do, but it's hard to communicate the satisfaction and joy and the agony and frustration of it all.

Sometimes I feel like being Zach's wife and Eli and Porter's mom has consumed my life, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I think I'll let Porter have my phone more often.

Zach Enters His Mid-Thirties

I feel like when I got married in addition to gaining a husband, I basically got a second birthday.  True, the presents aren't for me (although I often benefit from them) but SOMEONE has to take the birthday boy to dinner, SOMEONE gets to celebrate by skiing with him, etc.  And luckily that someone is me.

Zach has requested to go skiing for his birthday or Valentine's Day basically since we got married, but it just never happened.  We had school, we had work, I was pregnant, I was postpartum, and on and on, but THIS YEAR.  This year I made. It. Happen.

 It was a bit warm, the snow was a little slushy, and it took me a few runs to dredge up my memories of the last time I skied (5th grade), but eventually we got the hang of it and had a blast!

 Zach is straight up my favorite person in the world, and I always feel lucky to be the one that gets to celebrate with him.  Happy birthday Handsome Man!

And, as an added bonus, we caught sweet McKenna's baptism on our way back from Sundance.  Isn't she adorable?

Death by Ketchup

Ketchup?  Catch up?  Get it?
Ha.  Anyway, it's that time again.  I think about just quitting blogging every time I get behind, because who blogs these days anyway?  But then I look at my stats and see that I have 100ish views a month from France.  Do I know anyone in France?  No.  But I'd hate to disappoint that person/weird robot.  So here we go.

It is now sunny, warm mid-June, but this is where I left off:

Snowy, freezing March.
Well, nothing else for it.  Let's get the ketchup party started!