Tuesday, February 18, 2014

364 Days

*Note: this post is mostly for the grandmas and contains an overload of adorable baby pictures with gushing descriptions.  I really should just blog smaller entries more often, but because I can't stand to waste these pictures you're going to get a lot.  All at once.  You're welcome.

Well, the long anticipated day has arrived.  Tomorrow my baby becomes a bigger baby.  At what point are they defined as "toddler"?  Eli can't "toddle" yet, so right now we'll call him a "slapper".  It's his signature move and sound as he scurries along the floor or when he's trying to get your attention.

At 364 days-old Eli is....

...Training under his father to be a compounding pharmacist by day, cage fighter by night. I doubt his scratching and biting "tough love" would be encouraged in the UFC, but Zach always cracks up when he does it so it's been a hard behavior to repress.

...Into EVERYTHING.  Cupboards, shelves, drawers, laundry baskets, the pantry and ESPECIALLY the toilet.  If it gets too quiet and Eli is out of sight, you can count on him having made a beeline for the bathroom.  Usually we catch him poised over the bowl with an object ready to throw in.  A sacrifice in the name of science.

 ...Intrigued by technology. The two days that I work from home have gotten a lot harder since Eli learned he could reach the keyboard and type like Mom and Dad, including sending cryptic emails. He's also picked up on how to use a phone; anything square-ish goes up to the ear and he starts to babble.

...Trying hard to be independent, but not really.  He's great at standing up on things, and will push his little walker around with his bum two miles behind, but then he melts back into his comfort state of blobbitude.  He's not much for physical activity.  We put him in his bouncer to try and encourage some movement, but he just sags down to the lowest state of resistance:

...Willing to eat anything, especially treasures that he has self-sufficiently scavenged from underneath the refrigerator and other such sanitary places.  He's tenacious about his catches, and I swear sometimes he keeps disgusting things in his mouth just to prove a point.

...Teething constantly, making the removal of questionable food items extremely risky.  But just look at that hippo smile!

...Really into Curious George and scattering small, easily stepped on objects around the floor.

Finally, Eli is The Self-Proclaimed and Coronated King of Everything Everywhere.  His attitude towards the world leaves us in no doubt that he understands his position at the top of the food chain.

Happy Birthday kiddo!  We love you!