Saturday, April 13, 2013

Evolution of a Cry

If only I had these to explain...

Slight discontent

Concern that slight discontent is not being addressed
The threat- true crying is about to come to a baby near you.

Ramping up (accompanied by much whimpering)


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Don't tell me you don't believe in the sausage ostrich

Easter at the Judkins house this year was a fine affair.  The third biggest highlight of the day was that the Easter bunny brought way too much candy for the parental baskets (not pictured due to the lack of remaining candy- we're ashamed) and the Grandma Easter bunny saved Eli from having an Easter basket consisting of baby sunscreen (not pictured because Mom forgot).

Eli shared his versatile portfolio of faces...

Ok, so they're not that varied, but when this face is what you look at all day they're wildly different.  We're just trying to fulfill the first purpose of this blog.

The second biggest highlight of the day was that we captured Eli's smile on camera for the first time:

Ok, semi-smile.  It's much cuter in person.

And the biggest highlight of the day was meeting our new nephew and cousin Oliver.  Congratulations Steve and Tasha!  Now that Arianne and Carter announced they're having a boy in August that makes three boy grandbabies in one year- in a bumper crop!

We hope you and yours had a lovely Easter!

Monday, April 1, 2013

40 days and 40 nights

The night we brought Eli home from the hospital it was late.  We were exhausted.  I was a hormonal and swollen pendulum of emotions.  Zach was overwhelmed with lack of sleep and the thought of going back to school the next day.  We thought if we could just change his diaper, feed him, and get him to sleep then maybe we could recover just a little piece of normality and sleep together in our own bed.

We brought the screaming bundle into our living room (first car seat ride, not fun), unloaded him, laid out all the changing and pajama necessities, and Zach began to change his diaper while I anxiously hovered nearby.  At the exposure of his red little circumcision (and a very poopy diaper) Eli began to shriek and suddenly there was a squirt of liquid coming from nowhere.  It sprayed the wall, it sprayed me, and when Zach manfully sacrificed his hand to stem the flow it downsprayed all the clothes and diaper preparations we had just made.  When it finally ended we looked at each other in shock until I spied baby poop gushing out onto the changing table.  By the time we got that cleaned up Eli had reloaded his squirt gun and was firing again.

At this point I was laughing so hard that I lost what little postpartum control I had over my bladder and had to rush to the bathroom and leave Zach to do disaster cleanup.  When I finally got to bed that night I laid there convinced we were doomed to be wretched parents.  I had no idea what I'd gotten myself into.

 I would like to think that in the 40 days and nights that we've had Eli home that we've improved.  We figure that in that time that I've fed him over 400 times and we've changed over 500 diapers.  His crib has migrated from the side of our bed to the hallway to the doorway of his bedroom to up against the far wall of the nursery as our confidence in his crying ability has grown.  We've learned that poops come in threes.  We no longer use five wipes on one poopy diaper.  We no longer wash any article of clothing or blanket that might have come in contact with a bodily fluid and if it did, and if it's already dry... well then.

Eli has accomplished much in the first six weeks of his life:
Outgrown the first size of diapers
 Learned to love baths, especially when given by Grandma

 Become a weightlifting expert

Won the hearts of cute sister missionaries for his Uncle Austin

Established the order of hierarchy with his cousin McKenna

Practiced his baby modeling extensively

 Informed his parents of his continued disdain for his car seat

Discovered the camera

and mastered the art of Superman Sleeping

Six weeks later we're still exhausted, Zach's school is still overwhelming, and I am, on occasion, the tiniest bit hormonal.  But six weeks is just enough time to make us wonder what we ever did without this little man.