Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Things to Remember: Porter at 6 months

Height: 29.2"
Weight: 21 lbs
Teeth: 2 stubs
Hair: darkening
Fingernails: sharp
Spitting skills: impressive
We've hit a sweet spot with Porter at 6 months.  He's rolling over every which-way and sitting up by himself, but is not yet truly mobile.  Sadly, baby-proofing and wrenching scavenged "food" out of his mouth are not far away.
We love playing with our wee drooler.  We let him tug on our hair, scratch our faces, and forcefully pat anything he can reach.  Eli is especially enjoying his new ability to interact with Porter: when he isn't trying to make him smile, he's wailing in commiseration.

I often catch myself waiting for Porter to turn into Eli- to look or act more like him, but he is certainly his own little man.  He brings his unique personality to our family group, and it's hard to remember what we did without him.  Other than sleep, that is.  With the teething in full swing, my bed is now a treasured but distant memory.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Much Anticipated Superthree Party

Last year, Eli didn't care about his birthday.  The year before that, it didn't even register.

This year, it was a BIG DEAL. 

Weeks of anticipation went into THE DAY.  He told his friends over and over about his upcoming Superhero Party, constantly asked if he could open his presents, and changed his mind over and over about what his favorite cake was.

 He woke up excited, and tore into his presents before breakfast was even considered.  This is such a fun age for presents!  The excitement is genuine and the thank-you-kisses are intense.

Once breakfast was over, the wet-my-pants-excitement waiting for his friends to come over to PARTY started.  He nearly had a heart attack when the doorbell finally rang.

Turns out the 3-5 year-old crowd is pretty darn easy to please.  We let them decorate their own superhero capes, cakewalk until they were dizzy, and play endless games of Hero Hero Villain (Duck Duck Goose).
Food was equally easy- pizza will probably be our go-to for years to come.  We put out a veggie platter for appearance's sake, and other moms put them on their kid's plates for the same reason, but they remained untouched.
I'm actually ridiculously proud of the way this cake tasted (and Zach made AMAZING frosting) but decorating is... not my strong suite.  Life is just too short.
And did the kids care that you couldn't make out what the shape on the top was?  No.  They were too busy competing over who would help Eli spit the candles out.

Eli has some pretty great little friends here.  We missed our family, but it was fun to hang out with our pals!

Porter hated the party (so many kids! So loud! Mom, WHY AREN'T YOU CONSTANTLY FEEDING ME?!) until we let him play with wrapping paper.  Then life was pretty good.

Happy happy birthday Eli!  We love you!