Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Applications are IN

To read our last holiday blog one would get the impression that aside from the usual hustle and bustle of the season we spent a care-free and relaxing Christmas vacation.

Not so.

After graduation in May Zach hopes to spend a year or two doing a residency to help him reach his goal of teaching pharmacy at a university someday.  This brave Man of the Family was in the throes of applications all of Christmas break and beyond.  These deceptively innocent applications  more or less consumed our lives these past couple of months as he attended conferences, researched programs, endlessly refined his CV, and wrote letter after letter of intent.  Christmas Eve saw him surrounded by pajama opening revelry with his laptop open on his knee, discussing the finer points of action phrasing with his ever patient mother.

There have been many late nights and missed occasions dedicated to the residency cause, and Zach and I have learned anew what it means to be a supportive spouse.  Luckily he had the tenacious aid of his mom, grandma, and father-in-law to help when I couldn’t stand to review another bullet point.  Thank you!

Pharmacist in action
 I am so happy and relieved to announce that due to the tremendous determination and keester-working-offing of Zach, all the applications are IN.  Done.  Finis.  I am incredibly proud of my man.  We find out in the next month or so where he will be interviewing and then matching comes March 21.  We’re excited and ready for change as we learn whether or not we’ll be staying in Utah or heading out into the great wide world!

New year, new beard. Jk, it only lasted one day.
 Eli did his best to distract both mom and dad during this whole process with his cuteness (and failing that, straight up whining).  He wasn’t always successful and clearly has some resentful feelings towards the laptop that seemingly replaced him as his parents’ idol.