Monday, February 29, 2016

Things to Remember: Eli turning 3

Eli is, in his words, "a really big boy now", which nobody can deny.

Favorite Song: Child of God
Favorite Food: cereal
Favorite Activity: wrestling with Dad
Favorite Color: blue
Favorite Show: Octonauts
Favorite Person: Roddy

Just before turning three, Eli is officially....

Mostly.  Pictured below is "Baby's First Bed-Wetting."

We deal with that crazy post-nap energy by heading outside, regardless of the weather.  Eli grabs his trusty stick to explore and conquer the neighborhood.

Starting to be ok with being dirty
(under certain, Eli- approved circumstances) 
My prim and proper little man now occasionally gets down and plays in the mud.  I'm both happy and grossed out.  Thank goodness for washing machines.

Is having a love affair with Legos
The Lego bin is dragged out every. single. day.  Honestly, we all love it.  Porter eats them, Eli makes comets, reindeer, towers, trucks and rainbows, and I am the construction consultant.  The downside?  They are EVERYWHERE.  And stepping on them?  Ouch.  Just... ouch.
Starting to get brave(r). 
Zach and I were predicting a huge flip-out over sledding at New Year's, but Eli was thrilled and went again and again.  Maybe the slides at the park won't be so terrifying this year?

Loves to read and paint
Eli requires at least two books before naps and three before bed, leaving me to wonder how these rituals escalated so quickly.  Paints are, most admittedly, kept carefully out of sight until I feel up to committing all my attention to it.

Is certified sous chef of the Judkins household
Anytime I announce it's time to make anything Eli demands his apron, a bowl, and a whisk.  He's quite the accomplished stirrer, but heaven forbid you or anyone else try to stir- it's a very exclusive position.

An Amazing big brother
We had a rough start, but Eli now loves Porter.  He loves holding him, snuggling him, feeding him, wrestling him, and making him laugh.  I'm going to cherish this phase before The Great Sharing War begins.

Next up: Party Day!