Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Things to Remember: Zach and Clarissa

First I'd like to say that the number one official purpose of this blog is to show off our precious babies. This is something we have dutifully tried to do.

But parents are people too, gosh darn it.  And while our children remain our most adorable asset they are slowly sucking my brain power in a way that I swear is affecting my memory retention.  So, to document our young lives, here is an update on me and Zach:

The biggest life changer in the last few months was Zach's change of employment from 90 hrs/wk at Kmart to 40 hrs/wk at Smith's.  WE LOVE HAVING HIM HOME.  I can't ever imagine going back.  Suddenly we have time to do those projects we've putting off for months- stain the deck, hang our shutters, re-landscape the front yard, replace our gate, etc.  The list never ends, but at least some of it gets done now.

We also managed to get our new passports and are planning a trip to Baku, Azerbaijan in the spring to visit our favorite cousins.


With all this new free time, Zach has three major hobbies:
1- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
2- Trying to get buffer than his little brother at the gym
2- Kicking people's trash in online chess

 We took a trip to Salt Lake at the beginning of October so that Zach could put his Jiu Jitsu skills to the test at a tournament.  Apparently he's amazing at it because he won every match and was the champion of his weight class in both the Gi (fighting robe thing) and No-Gi events.

Zach is also officially not a less-active church member now.  Not only am I not alone with two kids in Sacrament meeting every Sunday (one of my very least favorite situations to be in) but he can serve in his Elders Quorum presidency and teach the youth Sunday school class.


Back in August I made a conscience effort to reclaim some of my non-mommy identity and signed up to take a woodworking class at the local college.  I've really missed school (apart from, you know, homework) and I may have squealed when my new student ID came in the mail. The class is fun and a good way to get out of the house at least once a week for a few hours.
It may not look like much, but that strange creation has taken 7 class periods of planing, joining, routing, ripping, chopping, filing, and sanding to get to that point.
I serve in our ward primary presidency and the scouts and this last month has been all about surviving the scouting carnival and the Primary Program.  As a kid I never even thought about the work that leaders put in, but I have a new appreciation now.  It's a little late, but thanks Sister Peterson!

And as my final update, I dyed my hair.  Purple.  And I loved it.