Saturday, September 16, 2017

Eli All Grown Up

For Your Information: Eli is now all grown up.  Please do not refer to him as a "little boy" and note that the phrase "my baby" has been outlawed indefinitely.  Eli has reached level: Big Boy.  Because he goes to preschool now.

Eli's first official day at preschool was a day of celebration.  After an orientation night the week before he was soooo excited, and his enthusiasm has yet to wane.  In fact, he frequently informs me in the car on the way to school that he has "wigglies in my tummy 'cause I'm just so excited for preschool!"

We had a few practice rounds with his super cool spider man back pack, and when the time came he marched right into class, hung his pack in his cubby ("with my NAME Mom!") and promptly found his name mat on the floor and sat right down.  Eli THRIVES on structure and rules.  He loves the routine of his class, and comes home chanting rules while he runs around the house.  The current favorite is "Dot dot, not a lot" (for glue application.  Very serious.)

I would say that Porter and I are at a loss during the afternoons Eli is gone, but since Porter naps most of that time I must admit I have no problem filling a couple of kid-free hours.  What HAS been an adjustment is not being present for three hours of Eli's daily life.  Up to this point we have been together ALL DAY LONG, but now I don't even know what he eats at snack time or who he hangs out with at recess (we're still working on learning kids' names). 

Just knowing that he goes to preschool has made Eli bolder and braver.  Because he's such a big boy church isn't as hard, riding his bike is a breeze, he can dunk his head underwater, and things aren't as scary.  The biggest perk on my end is that he can go to the bathroom (and all that entails) without any help or requiring me to keep him company.  He dresses himself, puts on his own shoes (on the right feet!), and can climb on the counter to get whatever he needs.  The whole experience is giving him a healthy dollop of confidence that we just love.

Go Eli go!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Things to Remember: Porter at 2

Height: 37.5"
Weight: 35 lbs
Favorite food: Popsicles
Favorite show: Chuuuuugington! Chugga chugga chugga!  Chugga chugga chugga!
Favorite phrase: What da HECK?

Oh my Porter boy.  What's the male version of "sassy"?  Willful?  Stubborn?  Strong personality? A force to be reckoned with?  All of these things are my sturdy little two year-old.

It probably comes from being the second child, but Porter seems way more independent than Eli was at this age.  The phrase, "MeSELF!  MeSELF!" is his war cry, and heaven help you if you try to lend a hand.  All summer he's been insisting on buckling his car seat himself and now it has escalated to opening the car door, climbing in, and hoisting his chunkiness into the seat WITHOUT MOM TOUCHING HIM.  It's gotten to the point where sometimes I can't even kiss his boo-boos better without him saying, "No!  MeSELF!" and insisting that I pucker-up but remain still, so that he can bring the injured area to my lips all on his own.

 Porter loves trucks, cars, planes, helicopters and boats as all little boys do, but he has a special place in his heart for jeeps.  He never fails to point one out while we are driving and will scream, "jeep!  JEEP!  JEEEEEEEEEEEP!" until you also acknowledge it.

This kid has no fear.  By two Eli knew that if stepped one toe into the street that "cars would get him" and he would never have dreamed of leaving my side in the store or church.  But Porter is a runner.  No matter how deep or urgent your voice gets the only way to stop him is to catch him.  Now I understand why all those moms have kid leashes!

Porter loves loves loves his Dad.  He loves me too, but Zach and I are pretty sure that his greatest love is accessories.  It's rare that you'll find him without a hat, headband, or necklace of some sort.

These two cute brothers have a very extreme relationship.  They are either getting along beautifully, making me want dozens of children, or someone is screaming/crying.  There is very little in-between.  They share a passion for superheros, legos, play doh, and bike riding.  Porter idolizes and follows Eli around everywhere, which Eli either loves or hates.  Sharing is spotty, affection is frequent.  Basically, they're brothers.

Porter's love language is touch.  Not a gentle caress or sweet hugs or anything like that.  More like constant wrestling.  He tends to throw himself on the object of his affection, squeeze tightly, and then keep pushing until something happens.  He loves running into me while I'm standing, or he'll come up and give me a solid slap on my thigh.  I look down ready to get all angry (because, ow!) and he'll just be sitting there smiling up at me with love in his eyes.

We can't imagine our lives without Porter- he brings so much animation and fun into our family.  He loves hard, plays hard, and then.... crashes hard.  We love him.

Thursday, September 7, 2017


I feel like I start out all blogs, "Last month we..." 
because I'm always at least a month behind.  But here we go anyway.

Last month we had another fabulous cluster of fabulous family reunion with fabulous people that we love with really fabulous food.  Life doesn't get much better my friends.  

Round one was with the Judkins in Park City.  There was daily swimming, lots of cousin time, and even some gondola riding.  My kids were basically in heaven.  And with all the couples taking turns making delicious food, I was right there with them.
Porter was fearless.  He would jump, go under, and come up smiling.  He would live in the pool if we let him.

Eli still isn't thrilled when his face gets wet, but the introduction of goggles solved that.

Best friends 4 lyfe

Movie time was a huge highlight

Hanging out in their PJs

We rode this *free* gondola up and down at least 4 times.  Ah parenthood.

All his ice cream dreams coming true.
We love you Judkins!  Sometimes I really can't believe my luck when I think about the family that I married into.  So fun, so energetic, and SO MUCH LOVE!

Between the reunions we had three days where Zach had to go back to work and my dad was on a business trip so it was just me and my mom in Provo.  It was the most relaxing three days of my entire summer.  Without fail our usual trips to Utah and crammed to the gills with places to go and places to see, so it was inexpressibly wonderful to just chill with my mom and do the little things, like going to the fabric store, checking out Chip cookies, going to Movie Night in Rock Canyon Bowl:
They were showing "Trolls".  You could not find happier children.

learning how to can peaches:
I'm basically a domestic goddess now
spending a whole morning with my friends and their adorable children in Salt Lake
My how we've multiplied!
checking out the new splash pad in Orem (awesomest ever)

and visiting Aunt Jerica's sweet new work at the Provo Mall (hello Neighborhood Art Center!)

I love this rare documentation of my kids actually sharing well!
It was wonderful and relaxing, but that's not to say we weren't thrilled when Zach came back and we got to hang out with the Maglebys in Midway!

We were the lucky ones who got to share a condo with G-Grandma and G-Grandpa, who had all the treats and the coolest ride.  We loved chatting with them and probably stayed up a little later than we should have.  Who says Grandmas can't party?

Grandpa Speed Racer!

I love this picture of my grandma and my boys (ignore Zach).  I remember so many mornings like this growing up when we'd come to visit!
The kids were in awe of the pancakes at the Homestead.  They must've been really something, because they powered them through a four hour swim afterwards!

Before we left we had an early birthday BBQ for Porter. I have to keep reminding myself that at this age, they really don't care, as long as they get cake.  I think he had a good time!
Uncle Hans at the grill!

Cute cousins!

Cake decorating is still not my thing, but it tasted aMAYzing.
Now that we're back in Elko for the longest stint of the year, we really miss our wonderful families.  Thanks for being fabulous guys!