Monday, July 10, 2017

Candy & Parades

What can we say?  We love America.  But as proud as we are to be Americans, Elko is even more proud of it's Basque heritage, so they hold their Basque Festival on the 4th of July weekend every year.  Hence we didn't technically have an Independence Day Parade to go to on Saturday- it was the Basque Festival parade, complete with strong men competition floats, very nice dancing, and advertising.

Parades in Elko are all about the candy.  The floats are generous, the children are few, (or at least compared to Utah parades) and we were positioned just right to get literally armfuls of candy thrown our way.  Eli was hesitant, like he was politely disbelieving that he could just go TAKE THE CANDY, but Porter had no restraint.  He was out to collect as much as possible.

There was a children's parade the morning of the 4th of July, and Eli was so excited that he would be in an actual parade.  When it turned out to be a small affair on a sidewalk thru the park with maybe a dozen grandparents looking on he was in no way discouraged.  He waved his flag and smiled with gusto, constantly berating me for not bringing candy to throw at the "crowd".

The parade ended with an Old Fashioned Fourth party, complete with a Watermelon Eating Contest, a Sack Race, Bean Bag Toss, and a Pie Walk.  Since there were only about thirty kids there Eli got to compete in and "win" everything.  Porter was mostly interested in stuffing his face with watermelon.

Eli actually did win the pie walk on his first try, and you have never seen such a proud hunter-gatherer.  He told everyone he met about how "the other kids didn't win.  I WON the apple pie", and he insisted that we bring it to our friend's house in the evening to share while we watched the fireworks from their deck.
Altogether, an awesome holiday.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Mr & Mrs Magleby

Happy for all her sisterly feelings was the day on which Clarissa got rid 
of her most deserving younger brother.  

Ever since Austin returned from his mission in glory I've been anxiously awaiting the day that he would bring home "the one".  Finally, last year, it happened- he introduced us to a beautiful girl named Aloura and was as happy as I've ever seen him.  So on May 17th we packed it up and headed out to Manti for their wedding.

The groom was dashing and the bride looked like a princess.  The Manti Temple was an experience in itself- so much beautiful architecture and history!  It was a wonderful, breezy, slightly frigid morning at the temple.


The receptions was lovely, with good food, family, and friends.  My favorite part, aside from the cream puffs, was getting these handsome boys together.  There's just something about little boys in matching bow tie outfits that I can't. even. handle.

Porter walked around like this most of the night.  It was adorable.

One of the best parts of a family wedding is that you get to hang out with some of your favorite people before and afterwards.  We stayed at my parents house along with my grandparents, and it was wonderful for me to watch my kids get to know my Grandma and Grandpa.

We also got to see my Dad's "new" office and have snacks from the top secret stash in the fancy conference room and walk along the hidden trail to an undiscovered waterfall.  Needless to say the boys were very impressed with Grandpa's job, especially when you took into account that he was mere seconds away from a DUCK POND.

Another great thing about being at a wedding in Provo is being near some of our favorite places.  We got to take Eli and Porter "up into the mountain" at Rock Canyon, and guys, there were BUGS (something of great interest around these parts).  And since picking up rocks is one of Porter's top 3 favorite things and Eli is always "training" to climb like an explorer we had a hard time convincing them to come home again.

Anyway.  To the happy couple: Mazel tov.  May you live happily ever after.

Joyous Joyschool

Eli has completed his first scholastic achievement: Joyschool Graduation.

Now, hold your applause.  Joyschool was basically a more structured play date, but the kids (and sometimes the moms) loved it.  And, occasionally, they even retained some knowledge.

Here are the highlights from our "School Year".

First day of class!

Green Lantern, Flash, Sophia the 1st, Joy, and Cheetah Babe 
at our Halloween Party

Christmas Party

Learning about money at 'Dad's Snack Store'

St. Patrick's Day

Scientific explosions 

Storytime Yoga

We had a little graduation party with some friends at the park to celebrate our smartypants kiddos.  So much fun!

On to preschool in the Fall!

Special thanks to Pinterest for providing pretty much every idea and lesson activity/coloring pages.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

That Holiday 2 Months Ago + Other Stuff

We had a weekend visit to Provo back in April that was so jam-packed with happenings that I can't avoid blogging about it, no matter how behind I am.  I'll keep it brief.

First, my Mom and I threw a bridal shower for my little brother's fiance.  It went off beautifully and although the picture is fuzzy just know that Aloura was radiant.  My little circle of sister-in-laws is now complete and I am so grateful to have them all in my life!

Next, Easter.  I've said it before and I'll say it again- holidays are so much more fun with kids!  Eli and Porter were so enthusiastic about their baskets, the egg hunts, and THE CANDY.  Everything but the pictures, which they only barely survived.

I love nothing better than the sight of my two little boys in matching bow-ties.  Too matchy-matchy?  Too old-fashioned?  Porter looks like an old pot-bellied man?  Ha ha NO.  It was straight-up adorable.

We spent the day hanging out with our wonderful families.  In Porter's case, the apex moment was threatening Uncle Isaac's life.

Finally, Zach and I managed to slip away for a night for an absolutely wonderful anniversary retreat.  Seven years.  What?!
I sometimes wonder if there's much we still have to learn about each other, but I did learn, immediately after taking the picture below, that Zach doesn't like to take pictures "just to remember the day".  If he's going to take a picture, he wants it to be somewhere "worthwhile", feeling suave.  Not the parking lot of Little America.  Also, he detests family portraits.  Now we know where the boys get it from.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Spring in Elko: The Defense Rests

When Zach and I decided to move to Nevada we thought we were being bold and brave, leaving the "nest" of Utah for a foreign land.  But it turns out that a four hour drive is not that far, and we find ourselves coming home to Provo for this or that about once a month.  But, while most of our major life events still happen with our family in Utah, we present this post as evidence that we still have some semblance of a life in Elko:

We were beyond thrilled when it started getting warm enough to hit the parks again.  I must admit, last year my attitude was occasionally less than stellar as I hauled my then baby Porter around the playgrounds for Eli's sake.  But lo and behold, the babe has grown, and Porter is now more enthusiastic about slides and swings than Eli, although he requires more supervision.  Many a disgusting "snack" has already been sampled this season.

Back in March we had one last visit from Eli's girlfriend before they moved from Idaho to Arizona.  Eli was in heaven.  Porter was less raptured, but he seemed to get along with his counterpart, Freddie, just fine.

We'll miss having this awesome family within a three hour drive, but we all agree that Mesa is a much more interesting place for us to visit them than Twin Falls.  Don't envy them their summers though!

There is nothing better than a visit from Grandpa and Grandma.  We can never get enough!

They start kids driving young here in Elko; although if we were going for the truly authentic experience Eli would be behind the wheel of a massive, manly truck.  Or riding a four-wheeler around the neighborhood by himself.  True story.

Of course I'm using the word "carnival" loosely here.  It was more like 5 rickety rides crammed into a corner of the Ross parking lot.  But the kids LOVED IT.  And there was funnel cake, which is all that really matters to me.

Our ward combined with the Spanish Branch for a Cinco de Mayo activity and it was just the best.  The food, the music, the dancing- it all brought be right back to the summer I spent in Mexico City.  Plus Zach looks rather dashing in a sombrero, don't you think?

Elko is turning 100 years-old this year, so Centennial celebrations have been in full swing since April.  I ran the official 5k along with 16 other participants (running isn't terribly popular around here), and we went to the play and BBQ down at the Railroad Park.

Does that count?  We really do love our house and Zach has been working hard to make our yard safe and fun for the kids this summer.  Plus the pictures were just so darn cute.

We always anticipate our trips to Utah as the highlight of our month, but we enjoy living and serving in Elko too.  We look forward to a summer of fun ahead!