Thursday, June 8, 2017

Spring in Elko: The Defense Rests

When Zach and I decided to move to Nevada we thought we were being bold and brave, leaving the "nest" of Utah for a foreign land.  But it turns out that a four hour drive is not that far, and we find ourselves coming home to Provo for this or that about once a month.  But, while most of our major life events still happen with our family in Utah, we present this post as evidence that we still have some semblance of a life in Elko:

We were beyond thrilled when it started getting warm enough to hit the parks again.  I must admit, last year my attitude was occasionally less than stellar as I hauled my then baby Porter around the playgrounds for Eli's sake.  But lo and behold, the babe has grown, and Porter is now more enthusiastic about slides and swings than Eli, although he requires more supervision.  Many a disgusting "snack" has already been sampled this season.

Back in March we had one last visit from Eli's girlfriend before they moved from Idaho to Arizona.  Eli was in heaven.  Porter was less raptured, but he seemed to get along with his counterpart, Freddie, just fine.

We'll miss having this awesome family within a three hour drive, but we all agree that Mesa is a much more interesting place for us to visit them than Twin Falls.  Don't envy them their summers though!

There is nothing better than a visit from Grandpa and Grandma.  We can never get enough!

They start kids driving young here in Elko; although if we were going for the truly authentic experience Eli would be behind the wheel of a massive, manly truck.  Or riding a four-wheeler around the neighborhood by himself.  True story.

Of course I'm using the word "carnival" loosely here.  It was more like 5 rickety rides crammed into a corner of the Ross parking lot.  But the kids LOVED IT.  And there was funnel cake, which is all that really matters to me.

Our ward combined with the Spanish Branch for a Cinco de Mayo activity and it was just the best.  The food, the music, the dancing- it all brought be right back to the summer I spent in Mexico City.  Plus Zach looks rather dashing in a sombrero, don't you think?

Elko is turning 100 years-old this year, so Centennial celebrations have been in full swing since April.  I ran the official 5k along with 16 other participants (running isn't terribly popular around here), and we went to the play and BBQ down at the Railroad Park.

Does that count?  We really do love our house and Zach has been working hard to make our yard safe and fun for the kids this summer.  Plus the pictures were just so darn cute.

We always anticipate our trips to Utah as the highlight of our month, but we enjoy living and serving in Elko too.  We look forward to a summer of fun ahead!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Things to Remember: Zach at 33

-Height: 6'1.5" (He claims "old age" is shrinking him)
-Weight: a totally ripped 180-something
-Favorite show: YouTube videos of talented people doing hard things.
                          Current trend: weight-lifting champions
-Favorite song: Whatever he has made up on the spot for the boys.  It usually involves food.
-Favorite food: He is no discriminator of delicious food.  Lasagna?  Red curry? Beef stroganoff?
-Greatest Ambition: Becoming a chess master/Jiu Jitsu black belt/sub 4 hour marathon runner
- Can't go a day without: Peanut butter

While we were dating I remember thinking, "This guy may have some trouble with punctuality, and it may look like he's trying to hide a dead body under the pile of stuff in his car, but he is going to make an EXCELLENT father some day."  And so he is.  Both Eli and Porter want nothing more than to hang out with Dad.  He is the most patient parent by a long shot, and, as is the way with many dads, doesn't know what "can't be done" so he's usually the fun parent too.

Right now Zach's life is pretty simple: saving lives in the pharmacy, being a Dad/Husband guru, running fast as the Flash, hitting weights like the Hulk, eating like a bottomless pit, and serving it up in the Elders quorum.   We all just love him to pieces.

We were lucky to have three parties to celebrate the big three-three, which is fitting: Zach loves nothing better than hanging out with people he loves and eating delicious food.

Magleby Fiesta

Judkins Fiesta
Happy birthday handsome man!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Things to Remember: Eli at 4

Height: 42"
Weight: 41 lbs
Favorite food: Spaghetti with Meatballs
Favorite Movie: Trolls
Favorite Song: Can't Stop the Feeling (Justin Timberlake) On repeat. And repeat.  And repeat.
Favorite Phrase: Suns out guns out! (complete with flexing pose)
Favorite Book: Anything Gerald and Piggie or Oliver Jeffers
Favorite Superhero: Batman, or possibly Robin (thanks Lego Batman Movie!)
Greatest Fear: Being alone in his room

Oh this kid.  We love him.  Eli is starting to piece together his world and the rules that govern it.  Currently he is fascinated by signs.  We'll be driving in the car and he'll suddenly screech, "MOM!  STOP SIGN FACING THIS DIRECTION!  YOU'D BETTER STOOOOOOOPPPPP!!!"  I'm used to it now, but the first few times I nearly had a heart attack.  He's the expert on No U-Turn signs ("Circle with a LINE Mom!") and Pedestrian Crosswalk.  It certainly makes driving interesting.

One of Eli's life rules is that anything that Dad does is cool.  He loves "playing" Zach's games with him, wrestling, and of course, eating.

Eli and Porter are constantly trying to figure out their relationship.  Are they best friends?  Are they worst enemies?  Sometimes Eli is totally cool with letting Porter ride on his back, other times he's near death if Porter so much as looks at him the wrong way.

On the whole they get along, and when they REALLY get along it melt my heart.

Zach and I (as parents are wont to do) are amazed by Eli's creativity.  He is big into drawing something, cutting it out, and then taping it to something else.  Our kitchen is basically wallpapered in his artwork.
"Be happy like Robin!  -Eli"
Now that he's four, Eli has been enjoying regular dates with Mom and/or Dad.  He's super easy to entertain.  We spent half an hour in an arcade last month without having to spend a dime, but Eli still managed to shoot all the bad guys and win all the races.

I feel like our first, experimental child is turning out rather well!

Trolls in Excess

Eli told everyone that he knew, anyone he might know, and anyone that happened to cross his path, that he was going to have a Trolls birthday party.  He picked out a Trolls cake, Trolls invitations, Trolls party favors, and would have required everyone wear Trolls costumes, but we had to draw the line somewhere.  He is, without a doubt, obsessed with Trolls.

Zach and I, however, are pretty over this Trolls phase.  Can't Stop the Feeling is a great song and all, but after 1,000 times.... the feeling is gone.  We decided we'd do this birthday party, and then try and wean Eli steadily off.
Trolls cake!

Trolls Bingo!

Trolls pinata!

It would seem our family had other ideas.  Eli received no less than two sets of Trolls figurines for his birthday, plus cake toppers, meaning we have 4 Poppys, 3 Branches, and a dozen other trolls floating around our house at all times.  He also received the Trolls movie, so guess how many times we've watched that this last month?

I love this picture of the boys lined up watching the movie!  We love our cousins.

Eli's actual birthday was on a Sunday, and after church we asked Eli what he wanted to do.  He said see a waterfall, so that was what we did.  In the cold rain.  In heels.  Anything for my birthday boy!

Zach and I decided that this was the year of the bike (NOT a Trolls bike, as was requested).  We had it all set up with the balloons then blindfolded Eli to take him to it.  His reaction was soooooo anticlimactic.  He was obviously less than thrilled.
But!  Once we got him on it he would NOT GET OFF.  We went around the cul-de-sac over and over despite the rain.  Houston, we have a winner.

Eli and McKenna share a birthday weekend, so we had a second Magleby family party for them.  It was Troll/fairy princess themed, which worked out better than one would think.

The birthday kiddos
Overall, the weekend was a Troll-saturated, techni-color success.  Thanks to our wonderful family for hosting and partying with us!

Special thanks to my Dad for recommending, assembling and adjusting Eli's bike.  Even more special thanks to all the family who gave us Trolls paraphernalia- you know who you are!  We can't won't forget it!