Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Things to Remember: Zach at 33

-Height: 6'1.5" (He claims "old age" is shrinking him)
-Weight: a totally ripped 180-something
-Favorite show: YouTube videos of talented people doing hard things.
                          Current trend: weight-lifting champions
-Favorite song: Whatever he has made up on the spot for the boys.  It usually involves food.
-Favorite food: He is no discriminator of delicious food.  Lasagna?  Red curry? Beef stroganoff?
-Greatest Ambition: Becoming a chess master/Jiu Jitsu black belt/sub 4 hour marathon runner
- Can't go a day without: Peanut butter

While we were dating I remember thinking, "This guy may have some trouble with punctuality, and it may look like he's trying to hide a dead body under the pile of stuff in his car, but he is going to make an EXCELLENT father some day."  And so he is.  Both Eli and Porter want nothing more than to hang out with Dad.  He is the most patient parent by a long shot, and, as is the way with many dads, doesn't know what "can't be done" so he's usually the fun parent too.

Right now Zach's life is pretty simple: saving lives in the pharmacy, being a Dad/Husband guru, running fast as the Flash, hitting weights like the Hulk, eating like a bottomless pit, and serving it up in the Elders quorum.   We all just love him to pieces.

We were lucky to have three parties to celebrate the big three-three, which is fitting: Zach loves nothing better than hanging out with people he loves and eating delicious food.

Magleby Fiesta

Judkins Fiesta
Happy birthday handsome man!