Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Muy Late Halloween Post

I was going to simply forgo yet another catch-up splurge, but after some encouragement and down right rib nudging from our wonderful family I'll take the plunge.

The Halloween season kicked off with some pumpkin carving with our favorite missionaries.  I seriously love these girls to pieces.  We love the elders too, but they weren't in to posing for pictures.

 Eli was most decidedly NOT a fan of his costume.  But he did look adorable (thanks Tawny!).  Out of a couple dozen pictures and a lot of arm-waving and funny faces we managed to get one smiling face picture.  Unfortunately, it was too late for Zach.

 The only real smiles came out at the ward Trunk-or-Treat.  Eli caught on pretty quick that if he flashed his pearly hippo whites and said "Treat!" people would give him suckers.  He could have walked around that parking lot all night.

 Halloween night itself was very traumatic for Eli.  Every time the doorbell rang Mom would give a piece of HIS PERSONAL SUPPLY OF CHOCOLATE to strange children (and occasionally their parents... really?).  He was soon conditioned every time he heard the ding dong to panic and scream. The only way to pacify him was with a sucker and Curious George Boo Fest.

Altogether, I'd say Halloween was a reluctant success.  Less successful is my rationing of leftover candy.  Maybe next year.