Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Flash Sighting

This Halloween season has been the longest of my young life.  

Maybe it's because we're at the store to visit Zach so often, and they started putting out decorations in late July.

Maybe it's because we got the costumes way early in a deliberate avoidance of my usual last-minute panic/settling.

Maybe it's because we actually decorated the house this year and I had to watch the slow decay of the fake spiderwebs outside and the Porter-destruction of everything else inside.

Maybe it's because we had at least four Halloween parties that we threw or attended in the week leading up to the big day.
The Flash rescuing stuffed animals from Mom's room
Or maybe it's because Eli was SO DANG EXCITED for it.  He was incredibly thrilled to be The Flash and have Porter as his Green Lantern sidekick.  He actually remembered trick-or-treating from last year and couldn't wait to do it again.  He insisted that our daily walks be "Halloween Hunts", which involve lots of excited shrieking when scary decorations were spotted.  Good times!

Joy school party

Our ward primary is pretty small, even for Elko, so the ward trunk-or-treat was especially gratifying for Eli.  Tons of attention and even more candy!

Porter did't get too into the pumpkin carving- he mostly just tried to eat it, but Eli nearly wet his pants he was so eager.  Many minutes of serious pumpkin research went into his carving choice.
Zach's dragon, Porter's poop, Eli's bats, Clarissa's Frankenstein

To wrap up, the month of October was a Halloween blast.  But in the dark secret part of my Mommy heart I am so glad it's November.
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