Utah Valley Half Marathon- June 2017
In order to meet my Run-A-Half-After-Every-Baby goal, Zach and I actually trained pretty consistently for this one.  It was my favorite race route ever and I will for sure do it again.  I am so proud of Zach- he made his goal of sub 2 hours with a 1:56, while I made my goal of not walking and managed just a minute off my best time at 2:23.  So now you know, if you need someone to dash off and sound the zombie alarm, pick Zach.  Way faster.

Elko Centennial 5k- April 2017
Elko does NOT have much of a running culture, so when I heard there was going to be a 5k in celebration of the town's centennial I was surprised and pleased.  It was definitely the smallest race I've ever participated in, but hey!  Cool hat!

Turkey Trot 5k- November 2016
 This was my first race in a looonnnngg time.  And it was rough (we did it cold turkey.  Ha).  But I did it, and as usual, Zach crushed it.  We love running with the Haights, especially if it justifies more pie later.

Tahoe Spartan Beast- October 2015
I don't know where all my pictures went of Zach being super manly and doing hard things like lifting logs and carrying buckets and getting really cold and wet while running, but here's a picture of him pre-race holding Porter.  It's basically just as good.

Iron Will- May 2014
Zach smoked the half marathon (although it must be admitted he lost to his uncle) while I sorta plodded through the 10k.  It wasn't a pretty run, and it wasn't a fast run, but we are Haights and we do this kind of thing.

Turkey Trot- November 2013
Nothing makes you feel like you can eat that fourth piece of pie like running a 5k in the morning with your fam.

Rivalry Relay- September 2013
After doing the Rivalry Relay, it's hard to go back to Ragnar.  All the fun of a relay race, but without the two-day drawn out pain and sleep deprivation.

Big Cottonwood Canyon Half Marathon -September 2013
My goal is to run a half marathon after each baby.  Why?  Sheer stubbornness.  Bonnie and I (Team Sugary Baby Mamas) enjoyed a beautiful run down the canyon and then along the Murray river trail.  It was my slowest half yet and I have never been so sore after a race, but I DID IT by George.

SLC Deseret News Classic 5k- July 2013
Eli's first official race provided proof that mom can still run post pregnancy.

Wasatch Back Ragnar- June 2013
Team Future Drug Dealers of America unite!  Round 2.

Las Vegas Ragnar- November 2012
Yet another Haight family "just for fun" activity.

Tough Mudder- October 2012
Zach has yet to write a description for this one.  It defies my explanation.

Wasatch Back Ragnar- June 2012
Zach and his pharmacy school classmates ran this one as FUTURE DRUG DEALERS OF AMERICA.

Dirty Dash 10k- June 2012
The Judkins family got muddy like little pigs with great gusto.

Wasatch Back Ragnar - June 2011
This was by far the craziest race we have (had. see: Tough Mudder) ever done.  For a full description, go here.  Exhausting sun burnt sleep deprivation.  That's what the Haight side of our family does for kicks and giggles.

SLC Half Marathon - April 2011
Zach and I decided to celebrate our one year anniversary by running a half marathon because we're crazy like that.  Apparently marriage makes Zach feel so good that he decided to do the WHOLE marathon without me, which I was totally fine with.  I loved running through the old parts of Salt Lake City, but then some diabolical race planner routed us up a mile-long hill right at the end.  Good thing there was a guy with free cookies at the top or I might not have made it.

We'd like to thank Marathonfoto for providing us with this picture
(Does that make up for the fact that we took it off their website without paying for it?)

Rex E Lee 10k - March 2011
I had to check the "Do the Rex Lee Run" box off my BEFORE I GRADUATE FROM BYU list while I still could.  I admit it- I did it for the stylish t-shirt.  Bonnie and I had a grand time pretending we were back on one of our old pre-marriage runs. 

Heber Valley Bike to Bike Race 100k - Sept 2010
There are good and fun and enjoyable races out there, but for me this one was anything but.  As you can see from the logo, this race was up and down the mountains, and I hate hills.  The only bright spot was when Zach fell and had to stuff a bright yellow cap into his shorts to cover the hole on his rear-ender.

Top of Utah Half Marathon - Aug 2010
This race was a bit of a suprise for me.  I knew that I was woefully unprepared (the most I'd ever run at one time was a 10k) and we were just returning from living at sea level in Washington DC all summer.  I was now to run twice as far at 5,100 feet.  Much to my astonishment, with the help of a very patient Zach, I managed to plod through the whole thing without a stop.  We were almost passed by the speed walkers, but I still finished.

Now that the pain in my muscles is gone, I have very fond memories looking back on my first half marathon.

Kokopelli Sprint Triathlon - Sept 2010
After I agreed to do a half marathon with Zach, he agreed to do a sprint triathlon with me.  He did AMAZING.  Proof that he's good at pretty much any physical activity he tries.  He even creamed the swim with the help of a very buyouant wet suit that kept his extremely dense muscle mass from sinking to the bottom of the lake.
I on the other hand, popped a tire within the first half mile of the bike and although I had recently had a dad tutorial on changing my own tire (finally) it took quite a while and my time certainly reflected it!  Still, I was extremely proud of Zach and wish I'd thought to bring a camera.

SLC Century Bike Race - May 2010
This was Zach and I’s first race together with his brand new road bike (thanks Mom and Dad for the sahweet wedding present!) and epic is the only way to describe it.  Because bike races last several hours, there is plenty of time to enjoy the different levels and areas of soreness as you go along.  Powered by Red Vines and Gatorade, we finished the  67 miles BEFORE my parents finished the 100 miler, which is harder than it sounds- those guys are FAST!

They even had massages at the end with masseuses that didn’t seem to mind how sweaty and dirty I was, or that I hadn’t shaved for several days.  Those are true professionals.

BYU Splash'n'Dash - March 2010
Swimming was my life in high school, and you can always pick the swimmers out of the racers because while we may be muscular and in shape, we just can’t run.  Totally different muscles and breathing patterns and all that.  I loved doing this race with my best swimming bud Bri because we totally kicked butt on the swim and then… didn’t kick butt on the run.   Note to self: never run with wet shorts.  Ouch!

Turkey Triathlon - Nov 2009
The thing about races is that they’re contagious, and you want to infect as many other people as possible so that you have crazy buddies to do them with.  I managed to grab my cousin Anthon and my future mother-in-law Marsha to do their first mini-tri with me.  I was soundly beaten by both of them.

Jordanelle Olympic Triathlon - Aug 2009
This was my second Olympic tri and I thought I was doing pretty well until a lady passed me on the run.  For triathlons they write which distance you’re doing (Sprint or Olympic) on one calf and your age on the other.  I never feel bad if a 20 or 30-something year-old passes me, but this lady’s leg said 81.  My pride fueled me enough to draw even with her long enough to find out that this was her 8th tri that summer. 

As I watched her pull away in front of me, I knew that I want to be that lady when I grow up.

ULCER 100k Bike - Aug 2009

U- Utah
L- Lake
E- Epic
R- Ride

Epic?  Maybe.  Painful?  Most definitely.  This was my second 100k after doing the all-woman Little Red Riding Hood ride in June with my mom, and it wasn't any easier on the toushe for it.  I had only recently met Zach's family so I was pretty thrilled to be riding through their neighborhood and secretly hoped to run into Zach.

Provo 4th of July 10k - July 2009
Zach took me to Goodwood on our first date the night before this race. Apparently eating 3 lbs of meat and staying up until 1:30 am is excellent for 6 am racing because I completed my first 10k no problemo.  Thanks to my fabulous running partner Bonnie for training with me every night!