Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas bells were ringing

Christmas time is not officially Christmas time for me until the annual Magleby Family Little America Trip.  We had some trepidations about staying at the hotel with Eli (validated trepidations- total parental sleep that night = 4 hours) but we are a family and by golly this was a family activity. 

Eli met Santa for the first time in the hotel lobby.  
He was rather unimpressed but he'll learn.

Christmas lights at Temple Square never cease to fill my soul with 
holiday cheer.  Eli bore being hauled around in the cold with great
long suffering and secret delight in the twinklies (I hope).

This bench holds a special place in my heart.  Four years
ago on this very spot Zach popped the question.  I teared
up a bit and he immediately panicked and promised that he'd "do better".
My sweet man.  He does better every day.

We took Eli swimming for the first time after seeing the lights.  He clung to me like a spider monkey in the pool and screamed if I threatened to move him even an inch.  Hanging out with McKenna afterwards seemed to cheer him up.

A few days later we spent Christmas Eve in delightful chaos at the Judkins, where Eli got his first ever Christmas present from Maimai and then had plenty of help in opening it.

Every year I'm amazed that Marsha finds the perfect fabric for every member of the family and makes us Christmas Eve jammies.  We're talking 20 pairs here- she's incredible!

When Eli wasn't overwhelmed by gifting he was playing with/torturing? his favorite cousin Ollie. 

Having our families live ten minutes part means twice the fun as we jump from house to house in attempt to take part in as many traditions as possible.  We spent Christmas morning with my family, starting with the traditional wait at the top of the stairs.  We don't have any stairs at our apartment, so Eli is fascinated with them.  Without my restraining hand the picture would have been one of his little body cartwheeling down the steps.

Despite my desire to buy everything in sight for my child I had a hard time justifying the cost.  Will he remember?  No.  Did he like opening presents?  No.  Does he appreciate his new gifts?  Not really. Thus most of his gifts were books so that I can make sure I enjoy reading them with him.  There are some terrible, terrible childrens books out there.

Our favorite gift "for Eli" was the baby back pack.  The babe seemed to love it.  Obviously he doesn't realize that hours of torture await for the sake of "adventures".

We loved being with our family and friends and hope all of you enjoyed a wonderful holiday and have a happy New Year!