We have a ridiculous goal to visit every LDS temple by the time we die.  Will we make it?  Probably not, but it's sure fun to try!

Current Number of LDS Temples: 182
Visited so Far: 15

Manti, Utah May 2017
My little brother and his sweet wife Aloura chose to be married in the Manti temple, giving us the incentive we needed to visit this historical, gorgeous place.  Thanks guys!

Provo City Center, Utah - February 2016
Zach and I both grew up attending Stake Conference at what was then the Provo Tabernacle, and we were living in Provo when the fire gutted the inside.  We watched with great interest while it was reconstructed into a temple and were so excited to take our whole little family through the open house.  Going up and down the spiral staircases brought back all the memories.

Payson, Utah - November 2015
Zach humored me for my birthday by taking me to the Payson temple so that I could ogle the stained glass.  So very beautiful!

Bountiful, Utah - September 2012
During the two years that we lived in Salt Lake we probably attended the Bountiful temple twice as much as the Salt Lake.  How did we never take a picture?

San Diego, California - August 2012
This temple is so far the most beautiful one we have ever been to together.  We attended while we were on vacation in California and were lucky enough to catch the matron in our session, who gave us a guided tour afterwards.  Amazing.

 Jordan River - September 2012
Zach: This was always "my temple" growing up.  Our family used to head up to West Jordan every other week to have extended family home evening at my grandparents.  There we would participate in various levels of what I then considered torture from the "Haights are great" cheer to the dance of joy.  On the way home, if we were lucky, we grabbed Arctic Circle ice cream.  Then, we would sing "I Love to See the Temple" as we peered out through car windows at the Jordan River temple brightly shining in the night.  Back then I thought it was the only temple in the world, and I am very happy to have been able to go there again with the love of my life.

Denver – June 2011
While we interned in Boulder for a summer this was our ‘home’ temple.

Las Vegas – May 2011
Zach and I took a trip down to Vegas to visit Anthon and Melissa and in order to better our experience at the strip via contrast, we stopped by the Las Vegas temple with Melissa.  Too bad we missed Marie Osmond getting married later that day!

Timpanogos – January 2011
I have loved this temple ever since my brother and sister-in-law got married here back in 2006, so when Provo temple was closed for cleaning I was excited to come and go beyond the waiting room with Zach’s parents Marsha and Randy.

Draper – August 2010
When my best friend growing up got married I was lucky enough to go to their sealing.  Aren’t they a beautiful couple?

Washington DC – July 2010
Because Zach served his mission in DC he was very excited to go back to his mission temple while we lived in Arlington for the summer.  I have to say- one of the coolest temples ever, inside and out, and it’s amazing when it pops out at you while driving down the highway.

St. George – May 2010
We love to visit my grandparents down in St. George because they spoil us like crazy and then send us off to enjoy the great outdoors that are right in their back yard.  Because they served their mission in St. George they know ALL the church history in the area and it was a privilege to go through their temple with them and hear their stories.

Provo  – April 2010
This is MY temple.  It’s the temple I could see from my bedroom window growing up and when I was 12 it was the first temple I ever went inside.  I have watched it change from carrot orange to all white with an angel on top.  When it came time to decide what temple to get married in the choice was easy- mine.

Salt Lake City – December 2009
Every year my family spends the weekend before Christmas in Salt Lake City to see the lights, go shopping, and watch “A Christmas Carol”.  It was at this time that Zach (finally) proposed.  Needless to say, I’m very fond of the Salt Lake City Temple.
Four weeks after our wedding I got to go inside for the first time for the marriage of my cousin Anthon and Melissa.  It’s hard to imagine that it can look cooler on the inside than the outside, but it really does.  Those early pioneers that spent 40 years working on it had some serious skills.

Oquirrh Mountain - July 2009
One of our  first few dates was to attend the Oquirrh Mountain temple open house.  It was my first time seeing Zach in a suit and that’s probably what got me hooked on him right then and there.  The open house was lovely and when we got to the refreshments at the end there was an elderly gentleman dispensing the cookies.   Before giving Zach a cookie he turned to me and asked me what flavor Zach would like.  Although we’d only known each other for a few weeks I already knew Zach had an obsession with peanut butter, so I managed to choose correctly.  The old man smiled when Zach said that was the flavor he would have chosen and declared that we were “meant for each other” and “would make it”.  
When stuff like that happens on your third date you kind of have to just smile awkwardly at each other and humor the elderly gentleman.  But I was hoping to see that old man when I got my endowments out in preparation for our wedding at the same temple 10 months later to tell him that why yes, yes we did make it.