Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July, full of family, food and fireworks.

Even through we were away from the clan, we still had our wee family...

We still had food...

Thanks to the other lovely Student Housing couples in the Boulder Ward for letting us join their BBQ!

We had fireworks at Folsom Field...

And we had a little extra something totally Boulder:

This is Ralphie, the CU mascot.  She leads the football teams as they come out onto the field and even does a lap of victory before the firework display.  I thought is was pretty darn cool, and if I were the opposing football team, I would be intimidated.  BYU should definitely follow suit with a real Cosmo.

Zach: Apparently, after this video, they replaced her with a slower Ralphie (Ralphie 5).  I must say I enjoy the thought of running the mascot through the field, although it might be slightly less of an event for TCU (the Horned Frog), University of Arkansas (the Boll Weevils), and North Carolina School of Arts (the Fighting Pickles).  This Fourth of July will not be one I'll easily forget!

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