Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Don't tell me you don't believe in the sausage ostrich

Easter at the Judkins house this year was a fine affair.  The third biggest highlight of the day was that the Easter bunny brought way too much candy for the parental baskets (not pictured due to the lack of remaining candy- we're ashamed) and the Grandma Easter bunny saved Eli from having an Easter basket consisting of baby sunscreen (not pictured because Mom forgot).

Eli shared his versatile portfolio of faces...

Ok, so they're not that varied, but when this face is what you look at all day they're wildly different.  We're just trying to fulfill the first purpose of this blog.

The second biggest highlight of the day was that we captured Eli's smile on camera for the first time:

Ok, semi-smile.  It's much cuter in person.

And the biggest highlight of the day was meeting our new nephew and cousin Oliver.  Congratulations Steve and Tasha!  Now that Arianne and Carter announced they're having a boy in August that makes three boy grandbabies in one year- in a bumper crop!

We hope you and yours had a lovely Easter!

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