Monday, June 9, 2014

A Very Late Graduation Post

See this guy?
This is one Mr. Zach Judkins in his first semester of grad school.  Rockin' the beard.
See this man?
This is one Dr. Zachary Judkins, four years, three moves, one baby, hundreds of hours of commuting, dozens of tests, and one very proud wife later.

 Such an auspicious event deserves only the very best that we can provide in camera phone pictures (how did we ALL forget our cameras?).  Squint your eyes and it's almost like you were there.

 The march of the graduates followed by a somewhat long and then even longer speech. For all of those that couldn't make it, be grateful you missed that part.

 Eli was thoroughly unimpressed with the pomp and circumstance.  But he did love Zach's hat.
Zach:  He honestly did.  He really loves anything he perceives as making him look "cool".

 We look super cheesy in this picture, looking off toward our bright future. But thanks to Zach and all the hard work he has put in for the past eight years the future really is pretty shiny looking.

Next up: licensing exams.  Graduation is really a bit of a false summit; Zach isn't a legalized drug dealer until he passes the NAPLEX and law exam, so despite graduating the stress level remains high at our house.  Prayers please!

Also next up: moving.  Aiee!  More on that later.

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