Friday, September 19, 2014

Cute Baby Blog War

[NOTE: This post was started the morning that Eli broke his femur and I hate to waste it.  We'll catch you up on his recovery in the next post]

Last week my brother and I had a cute baby picture war.  For the record, I won (on a technicality).  I feel like this post is much along the same lines.  For those mothers out there who think their kid is the cutest, that's wonderful.  But to me, MY child is and always will be the cutest thing that ever lived.  I mean, just look at this photogenic pose:
Just ignore that piece of cottage cheese
This move has been a major adjustment for both me and Eli.  The transition to a full-time SAHM is challenging, but I've grown to love it more with every passing week. We are constantly TOGETHER, and most of the time it's just him and me.  As a result, we are tight, like unto a dish.  Sure, there are occasionally days when I'm sure I'm going stir crazy, but most of the time I feel like I just get to hang out with my little man.

I must admit I panicked when we first moved into the house.  Suddenly our days were empty of all structure and our friends and neighbors were no longer a thin ceiling away.  To give us some more constructive activities, I loaded up on crafty supplies and toys thinking that Eli could be entertained for hours with them.

Wrong.  While the markers and paint are a huge hit, they take up a max of 9.5 minutes before they are used for coloring the artist/furniture/floor.  This is usually the point that we go 'side (outside).

It took awhile, but Eli is no longer afraid of water.  Now it's the bomb diggety.

"Sides" (slides- not to be confused with 'sides (outside)) are the highlight of any day.

When we can't go outside I love that Eli is finally getting to an interactive stage with his toys and playing pretend.   Here he is as King of the World (his reality), Clark Kent (also reality), Lord of the "Fiseezch", and a dinosaur in the zoo (roar).

I know that if we can make it to dinner time we are home free.  Evenings are my favorite time with Eli.  I love to eat, and he loves to eat.  I love to give him baths, and he loves to take baths.  I love to hold him and rock him to sleep, and he loves to be rocked.  It's a win-win.

 I love this little goofball. Which is good, 'cause this next month is going to be a looonng one.  Wish us luck!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! He is so cute I can't stand it!!! These photos and commentary catch him so well!

  2. Eli is soooooooo cute! Love all of these super adorable pictures!!!