Monday, December 28, 2015

The Rest of November

November is my birth month (with quite a disappointing birth stone, I might add) and after our trip to California we were able to spend some time in Utah to celebrate my turning over to the dark, late side of the twenties.
We started the day with a killer (literally) workout with Tawny, breakfast at Guru's, and a trip to the beautiful Payson temple.
 Gabe and Jerica joined us for sushi followed by cupcakes. I don't know WHAT Jerica is doing with her hand in that first picture but it's hilarious.  Also, Zach, my man, what's with that face?

The day was pretty much perfect, and at the end of it all Zach asked me if this is where I'd pictured myself at 26 when I was still young and idealistic.  Nah... better.  I mean, just look at those two boys!

Also in November- Thanksgiving.  We managed to squeeze in a quick trip, during which we were chronically late for everything.  Sorry family!
Magleby Dinner

Porter after his own personal Thanksgiving feast, and Zach and Eli sleeping off multiple turkey dinners.

We were so grateful for a chance to spend time with our families and especially loved introducing Porter Dan to his namesake, Grandpa Dan.  He may not LOOK happy, but we all love him just the same.

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  1. Natasha has never been impressed with November's birth stone either. I, on the other hand, think it is beautiful!