Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas, According to Eli

This post is coauthored by Eli, who described each picture for me.
(Occasional prompting was required.)

"That's shepherds!  And we have costumes!  There Abby and twins!" 
[Our nativity with the neighbors.  Complete with dragon-riding wise men, dinosaur-herding shepherds, and a Jedi King Herod.]
"Me and Abby.  We were Wise men.  With toebans (turbans)."

"Presents!  Tree!"

"Mommy said wait.  Wait for picture.  Then we go downstairs to presents."

"Santa bring me digger!"


"What da- toothbrush?!"

"Daddy read me pirate book.  I open lots and lots of books!"

"Oh no.  Porter opening present."
[Porter absolutely loved wrapping paper and bows of all kinds.]

 "Daddy have picnic with me.  He share treats."
[Zach's Christmas is not complete without summer sausage and crackers.]
"Snow.  I help mommy shovel."
[If 'help' means transferring snow from the yard to the driveway, then yes, he was super helpful.]

"Merry Christmas to all!"

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