Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Things to Remember: Porter at 6 months

Height: 29.2"
Weight: 21 lbs
Teeth: 2 stubs
Hair: darkening
Fingernails: sharp
Spitting skills: impressive
We've hit a sweet spot with Porter at 6 months.  He's rolling over every which-way and sitting up by himself, but is not yet truly mobile.  Sadly, baby-proofing and wrenching scavenged "food" out of his mouth are not far away.
We love playing with our wee drooler.  We let him tug on our hair, scratch our faces, and forcefully pat anything he can reach.  Eli is especially enjoying his new ability to interact with Porter: when he isn't trying to make him smile, he's wailing in commiseration.

I often catch myself waiting for Porter to turn into Eli- to look or act more like him, but he is certainly his own little man.  He brings his unique personality to our family group, and it's hard to remember what we did without him.  Other than sleep, that is.  With the teething in full swing, my bed is now a treasured but distant memory.

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