Sunday, April 10, 2011


Six weeks, forty-six emails and one hundred and two phone calls later, we have decided that Boulder, Colorado is where we want to live this summer.  Why choose Boulder from all the other exotic places we could be going?  Well, for one, Boulder is the number one triathlon city in the nation - Booyah.  Two, I got an internship at the University of Boulder working with their Facilities department where I will spend half my time compiling a large technical volume on hefty machinery and the other half studying the green building techniques on campus.  It's an excellent deal- they'll pay me double my current hourly wage (which says more about BYU student wages than my intern value) and pay for housing to have us live in a biking and backpacking mecca.

Unfortunately, Zach also needed an internship this summer and the Colorado pharmacy market may be the one state that is even more saturated than Utah unless you're looking to practice in a more, um, liberal pain management clinic (apparently Colorado is one of the few legal marijana states). The poor man spent hours on the computer looking up the hundreds of pharmacies, calling them, filling out applications, and sending in resumes.  After three weeks, nothing.  At this point we were getting desperate so I declared war on BYU's no spring break policy and we headed out to Boulder.  It was on that trip that I got my first ever ticket, and I blame it on the fact that when the officer pulled us over, instead of having one of my attractive gal friends in the front seat I had Zach.  Luckily Zach is attractive enough that the Wyoming state trooper only a wrote a ticket for going 6 over instead of the deserved 15.  But honestly, what is there to hit in Wyoming?

The next day I saw more Walgreens, Safeways, King Soopers, and private pharmacies in four hours than the rest of my life combined.  We went EVERYWHERE, but no one sounded committal and by the time we had to go we were getting pretty discouraged.  It looked like the only thing we would take away from this rather expensive trip were pictures of my first ever seal kiss and Zach's... um, seal training.  Navy seal training? 

We left and continued to call to do follow-ups and began looking at other options.  But finally, from the LAST email that Zach sent we got a response, and after another week of back and forth and holding our collective breath we got an official offer.  Zach will be the friendly neighborhood pharmacist in Walgreens and he'll even get paid to do it.  We're so excited for this opportunity and would like to thank everyone for the prayers and fasting on our behalf.

Remember, as Zach says, "Boulder is for lovers".


  1. Yay!!! I'm so glad everything worked out for you guys! Good job on not giving up! We might just have to head to Colorado now, it looks dreamy ;)

  2. Wahoo! You guys are going to be rollin in it!! :) That is so awesome! congrats!

  3. I have to wonder, "Why would they have statues of seals in Boulder?"