Saturday, September 10, 2011


Ok, it’s not like it’s news that we’re back.  We’ve been back for a month now.  It’s just been one of those crazy months that combines moving with weddings with moving again with vacations with school starting with more vacation.  Sometimes there’s just too much life going on to pause to write about it.  Or at least, that’s what I tell myself whenever I happen to glance at my long-neglected journal.

But, as evident by Zach’s recent manly post, we are attempting to catch up so bear with us.

First of all, we miss Boulder.  While we were there, we felt like we were modern pioneers, bravely going places and eating at restaurants that no Judkins or Magleby had gone before.  Places like...

Estes Park is like a mini Park City.  Quaint, classy, and with multiple shops hawking the same cute porcelain bear climbing a tree to be featured as your toilet paper holder.

This was the neatest thing we found in Estes Park.
This baby is actually made by weaving hot glass
together.  So cool.  So expensive.

Zach: I was trying to see what he was screaming about.
It was pretty bad...

Because hosting Man Vs. Food is our ideal job, we try to emulate it as much as possible as we travel and hit up all the restaurants that are featured.  So... we ate breakfast in the Buff.
The Saddlebags: Huge buttermilk pancakes with bacon cooked directly into
the batter and topped with a fried egg. 

Zach: No, the food was pure amazing.  This is southwestern egg benedict,
with a side of herbed potatoes.  The face is due to Clarissa using
the flash in the middle of a restaurant. 
Not to mention while I'm in "The Buff".
This is the "highest" fair in the country.  Not that Zach participates in that kind of pharmacy.

Deep fried candy bars!!!!  Heart disease... WHAT.
Zach took this opportunity to show his lady how it's done
with the hammer, and I must say, it was pretty dang impressive.
I didn't hit the bell, but at least I got to spend the rest of the
evening whacking Zach with the inflatable hammer.
This is a prime example of how we plan to control our kids.
Notice how none of the kids are standing up.
You never know what you're going to come across on Pearl Street- this place is the life of Boulder.  We highly recommend it if you're ever there.  Just watch out for the half naked people.  Seriously.

This particular performer entertained us all with stories of his injuries as he
performed his various acts.  Who knew what could happen when juggling fire
while balancing atop a giant unicycle?

This man fit himself through a 17" tube and into a 2'x2' box.  Stay in school kids.

We snapped this lovely shot in the Denver airport.
It's actually in the check-in area, which I didn't find
very encouraging.  Open that luggage with caution.
 Oh the packing.  Followed by the cleaning.  While I tried to scrub months’ worth of various concoctions off the side of the oven Zach became the Tetris master with the Honda.  Once it all fit we barely managed to survive the ride back to Provo with Isaac and his mass-produced flatulence.  That kid is never allowed in our vehicle for more than 15 minutes again.  Ever.

We made it home just in time for Arianne and Carter’s wedding, to whom we gladly handed over the prestige of being the latest and greatest couple in the family.  They were certainly cute enough to earn it!  We haven’t seen them much since they got hitched, and we do see them, they seem eager to go back to being alone together.  We assume things are going well.

The man and woman of the hour.  Go Mixs!  Mixes?  Mixen?  Whatev. 
Go Arianne and Carter!

Weddings look good on us.  If we do say so ourselves.


  1. You guys have all the fun!! I love you!

  2. I Second my mom!:) u guys are so much more interesting than Justin and I were.:) and you are sand cute! Thanks for posting, always a good read. Love you guys!

  3. "Sand" cute?? Try "so" cute...darn iphone...:)