Wednesday, September 21, 2011

From Beaches to Bryce

Hard to believe, but this was Zach and I's first time going to an ocean beach together, and we LOVED it (in case you can't tell from the plethora of pictures).  Our first stop was Monterrey, where after some so-so sushi we opted to skip the aquarium (we've both been before) to spend more time on the beach.

The Monterrey boardwalk


I'm not sure what Zach is doing here, but he looks happy, so I like it.  Maybe
pretending he's leaving his famous handprints?
After this incident, the only thing that was going through my mind was "Take a
jelly, take a fish, make a sandwich, delish.  Jellyfish."  Thanks, Isaac, for showing
me that intellectually stimulating video.
Please forgive me if you're offended by the sight of Zach's flourescent thighs.
 We weren't exactly dressed for the water because we figured it would be freezing, but after what started as a game of Who Can Go Out the Farthest While Staying the Driest turned into a sopping wet splashing competition, we may as well have been our swimming suits anyway. 

On the 3 hour drive to Paso Robles we learned that salt water does not dry comfortably and that what smells so good in the open air is less appealing in an enclosed car.  This overstimulation of our senses didn't stop us from visiting the beach AGAIN when we got to our hotel and learned that Cambria was only a half hour drive away.

This is Cambria, my new favorite vacation spot.  It had the small town, vintage feel of Estes Park, but with a beautiful beach instead of Rocky Mountain National Park. It even had tide pools, which I don't have a lot of experience with.  Zach was quick to educate me on anemone finger-sucking, crab finding, starfish poking, and seal spotting.

We are definitely going back.  Soon.
 The next day was full of driving (and no, we're not going to talk about the speeding ticket because that still makes Zach's blood boil) through California's less-than-beautiful landscape.  We were on our way to St. George to stay with my Grandparents for a few days and to see Grease at the Tuacahn theater.  Sadly, none of the pictures from the play are bloggable, but trust me when I say it was awesome.
We love hanging out with hanging out with these fantastic people.  We always arrive to a comfy bed and delicious food and while we're there we get the scoop on the latest sales, happenings of the Elderhostel, and my favorite stories about my dad and uncles when they were

On the way back to Provo we decided to swing by Panguitch to check on my parents because they're at that stage in their lives where us children worry about them- you never know what those thrill-seeking empty-nesters will do next!  In this case I was right to worry- we found them in the middle of a 200 mile bike race going up lots of hills in rural Utah.  Crazy kids.  At least they were wearing their helmets.
Because we just couldn't get enough of this vacation thing, we took one last detour to Bryce Canyon because Zach had never been.  Utah is so cool.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, concludes the Great Judkins California Adventure Series.  We hope you enjoyed the show.

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