Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cabinoference: Winner

This last weekend Zach and I participated in one of my favorite traditions: Cabinoference. Every April and October my parents pick a few lucky participants to join them at the cabin that was built using my and my brothers' child slave labor.  I love it now, but back when I was 9 carrying rocks and planting bug bombs was met with much protestation and attempts to hide out in the bathroom.

The only Cabinoference rules are:
1) Relax as much as possible
2) Bring enough delicious food to feed 12 times the amount of people actually present

Zach: For those who don't know, Clarissa and I like to make little competitions out of just about anything.  For example, earning the most money during the summer: Clarissa; foosball: Clarissa; least student debt: Clarissa; and so on and so forth.

We got up there and Dad put us right to work.  Zach provided awesome slave labor.  In fact, I'm pretty sure he positively enjoyed it. 

Zach: I did enjoy it.  One thing though, one does not "dig" in Utah.  One "de-rocks" the earth.  This is me smashing rocks into pieces small enough to pry from the ceramic clay that makes up the state.  But... it did make me feel pretty manly.
Zach: Winner and feeling manly
Rissa: Winner for just watching him do his thing
Admittedly, I was less manly when I attempted it.  But I feel like a winner just for learning how to properly swing.

Zach: Clarissa actually did quite well with her swinging.  Because zombies have poor coordination and cognition skills, a single swimming pool can trap a whole hord of them indefinitely!  The trick is digging it fast enough.  But I think Clarissa has it in the bag.  Way to go love!

 Zach broke Rule Number One by bringing his homework: Loser.  This prevented him from facing me in ping pong and Lost Cities which prevented him from losing further.
Final ping pong games score:
Rissa: 11 games
Zach: 0

Final Lost Cities score:
Rissa: 3
Zach: 0
This brings our all time game score to 50:50.  Yes, we really are that geeky that we've been keeping track.  And yes, we are statistically that well matched.

I love this picture of my parents.  I'm a winner just for having them around.  Or maybe THEY are the winners for having such a great kid.  Plus have you ever seen such gorgeous colors?

I included this next picture because a) you can see the cabin and b) you can see the amazing leaves and c) you can see my awesome hair, courtesy of the Zach Salon.  Way to go babes.

Finally, we are all winners for the ability and privilege to listen to modern day prophets share the word of God with us in Conference.  Even if the Pepto-Bismol choir dresses were... less than winning, I am so grateful for all the men and women that lead our church today, and the blessings it brings to our lives.  Definitely winners.


  1. First of all, I am glad you are going to be taking care of the zombie hordes. Second, you are very well matched, statistically and in every other way...except it looks like Clarissa might be winning. Third, the colors were beautiful and your parents are amazing. Lastly, we made the same Pepto- Bismol comments about those less than attractive Tabernacle Choir outfits. I think they made them out of clearance wedding tablecloths.

  2. When I said "your parents" in my comment, I was talking to Clarissa...

  3. Ya, those Tab colors looked like a bad seventy's wedding reception...h-o-t-t-t. And I love that last pict of you both--colors were AMAZING! You lucky ducks. And everybody likes your parents.