Thursday, October 13, 2011

Soggy Frozen Veggies

Last Thursday morning while I was getting ready I felt something bump my leg, and looked down in surprise to see Zach scooting along the floor on his butt from our bedroom towards the kitchen.  Looking defiant, he claimed that it was "not as unmanly as it looked."

I sure hope not.

But I couldn't really blame him.  You see after my intramural volleyball game the night before, Zach took the opportunity to show his woman how it's DONE.  He was hitting some pretty hard core spikes at the far wall, totally showing me up, when I popped a ball up a little too far back.  In the heat of a smack down he went for it anyway and next thing I know he's hit the floor all wrong and we ended up with something like this:

Oversized Cankle
And this:

Zach: My foot looked weird then, but later the entire foot swelled uniformally and
actually looked quite nice and cherubic as can be seen below.
And this:
Oddly enough, his foot is beautiful.  Seriously, that is my favorite color right there.
 A week later Zach is finally crutchless, but he now has the shuffle walk of the living dead.  Between his ankle and my knee (curtesy of the Ragnar), we make quite the pair on Friday nights with our BYU Creamery ice cream and Wipeout to keep our minds off our various maladies.

And I'm not sure how, but lately it seems we've been going through a deplorable amount of frozen veggies.


  1. I just caught up on like MONTHS of your posts! I love them and I love you two :). Keep the entertainment coming!