Saturday, January 14, 2012

I can take a hint

This last week Zach and I got quite the shocker when we finally bit the bullet and looked at our finances. 

What's this?  A charge for BYU tuition? (gasp!) THEY TOOK AWAY MY FACULTY BENEFITS!

As the lucky child of BYU professors, I've always taken for granted that my tuition is half off the usual rate and have planned my finances accordingly.  But now, staring at my account I saw that someone had purposefully stripped me of my coveted status.

The girl at Financial Services was oh so nice and transferred me oh so quickly to the Benefits Office after informing me that there might be a credit limit to what BYU is willing to go halfsies on.  I added up my credits, quietly cursing my carefree freshman year and the resulting retaken classes.  The Benefits lady also tallied my credits as I held my breath.

Finally, "Well, BYU will only pay up to 150 credits and right now you're at 145.  We'll put the half tuition back into your account.  For now.  Just don't add any more classes."

Alright BYU, I get it.  It's time for me to graduate already.

This is my favorite motivational picture as I plunge into my final semester of classes:

Should be the best semester yet.

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  1. Ha ha ha! Love it. You can do it, keep on truckin. Sheesh we would LOVE that discount!