Friday, January 27, 2012

Yesterday, I flew off the handle

At 7:47 am, to be precise.

Oddly enough, it was over my outfit.  Or lack of.  Now, normally I don't think much about what I wear: if it's comfortable and doesn't require any yanking or tugging or checking of buttons I'm good.

But yesterday I had my first interview for my first real job and suddenly I had NO CLOTHES.
[false- I have a closet full of clothes, many of which fit the professional criteria]

It was cold outside, so there was NO way I could wear a skirt, [false- I do it for church all the time] and I could NOT wear heels for the 4 hours of class before the interview [false- my record is 12 hours for a conference].  I could NOT wear my black pants because my black flats were uncomfortable [semi-false- my pinky toe gets kinda smushed in there] and even if I DID suffer through the shoes I could NOT wear my suit jacket with the pants becuase the blacks did NOT match [I'm still not sure if that's false or not]

Between changing through six outfits and pacing between the closet and the mirror I made myself very late [false- I still could have made it]

That's when I blew up.  This was All.  Zach's.  Fault.  [false- Zach had nothing to do with it] because we never go shopping [false- we went last week and I was too picky to buy anything] and being married to him has made me fat so my other clothes don't fit [false- Zach is the only reason I ever get to the gym these days].  Plus, my hair didn't look as professional as I had envisioned, and that was Zach's fault too [false- just false].

Zach took my accusations like a champ.  He got dressed, handed me the lunch he packed, put the breakfast he made me on a plate, pushed me out the door, drove me to class and as I exited the car in a fluster he told me that I looked fabulous.

I don't know if I'll get the job, but if I do, it's only because of this guy:


  1. Wow!! What a great post!! You have a really great husband, but he has a really great wife! :) Congrats on the interview. I bet if you wore Zach's boxing get-up, you would be hired for sure.

  2. YAY this just made me laugh out loud multiple times and then I read it again out loud to Jon. We love the Judkins!! Hopefully it works out. :-)

  3. Haha, that was like so funny and yet so touching I was almost crying at the end. You are so darn cute; and I'm sure you fabulous.

  4. I love this post. And you. That is all.

  5. This post made me smile. Thank heaven for husbands that put up with us and our emotional outbursts. Good luck, and I hope you get that job! :)

  6. You have sooo much love for each other!!!!! You are a lucky two!!