Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gypsy bare knuckle boxing champion

There is no doubt in my mind that I married a macho man.  Zach is into the weight-lifting scene, the ‘torture your tongue with hot foods’ thing, the ‘going on freezing campouts in your shorts’ thing, and especially the ‘watching other guys fight it out to see who the toughest man alive is’ thing. 
Because I was young and naïve, I thought that as soon as we got married Zach’s interests would fade and turn into MY interests and I would never again have to listen to another breakdown of the latest MMA fight or watch another preview for the WORLD’S GREATEST MATCHUP of two of the BIGGEST HULKING MEN with the WEIRDEST TATTOOS AND SHAVING PATTERNS I have EVER SEEN.

I was, of course, wrong.  And I’ve learned not to fight it.  In fact I’m now a facilitator/victim of Zach’s craze.  After getting him a punching bag and boxing gloves for Christmas I’m in constant danger of attack, especially with his latest fave: Jiu Jitsu.  It turns out that BYU has a Jiu Jitsu club that meets twice a week, and when Zach wants to practice what he learns, guess who’s conveniently next to him on the couch/floor/chair/bed?   Yeah, I’ve learned to tap out before he even gets his arm around me.

Zach: Just so you know, I'm ticklish, and Clarissa is not.  She is not as defenseless or innocent as she makes herself out to be, and has already "tapped me out" more times than I can count or would care to divulge...

This new club is fun, but it’s definitely taking its toll (which I think only makes Zach feel all the manlier).
The beautiful eye coloring

What, you can't see that Zach is getting cauliflower ear in his right ear?  Neither could I and I didn't believe Zach every night when he'd shake his head back and forth trying to get me to see the comparison.  Apparently it's "thicker".  Whatever you do, do NOT look up home treatments for cauliflower ear.  So disturbing.

Zach: It really is.  And about the cauliflower ear paranoia, I'm a little vain, what can I say?  With looks like mine, can you blame me?

Zach may be decreasing his life expectancy, but he has already started preparing the next generation of manly Judkins:

Zach sharing his mad moves with Isaac

What can you say about this picture?  It's just so awesome!
Max is already well on his way to becoming Captain America.

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