Monday, March 12, 2012

Sticker art

It's confession time: Zach and I slept through church yesterday.  Oh yes.  I'm afraid that the late night spring break party atmosphere mixed with daylight savings did not bode well for 8:30 Sacrament Meeting.

But before you worry for the eternal welfare of our souls, know that we DID go to the Judkins' family ward at 1 pm.  There we rediscovered the joy of family wards.  Specifically family wards with Jaxton.

Of course I was being ultra reverent when I looked up to see a chubby hand waving a sticker in my face.  This little man brushed my bangs to the side and planted "I know my Savior Lives" right between my eyes.  Flattered, I looked down the pew to see that all eight of us were thus adorned (except for Zach- as the favorite uncle he got three stickers) right as the Sacrament came down our row.  Jax then wandered back down the pew, peeling them off our faces and sticking them on his own.

I can't wait to have kids in church.  Who needs Quiet Books when you've got stickers?

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  1. Favorite post ever!!:) haha, LOVE IT!! Love you!!! Thanks for hanging with us at church; it was so fun to have you guys there!! Jax loves you too!! Xoxo!!