Friday, July 26, 2013

He's kind of a big deal

Occasionally there are times in your life where you receive a sudden flash of understanding and insight:

Your parents are actually pretty cool.

Impressive even.

Then one more rendition of the Idaho state song later and they’re back to regular mom and regular dad.

This last Tuesday was one such flash.  The right honorable Dr Magleby was asked to speak at the University forum- a big deal by all accounts.  

As I sat in the audience and looked up at my parents sitting on the stand, being introduced as professors of engineering and listening to a long list of my dad’s accomplishments (some of which I had no idea about) I suddenly saw my dad the way other people must see him.  Not as the guy that would wake me up by singing “Rise and Shout” before school, but the distinguished university professor and engineering expert who was about to speak to BYU and on live TV. 

He was pretty cool.
I was impressed.
We were all proud to bursting.

If you missed the broadcast you can go HERE to read the transcript and HERE for the article.

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  1. That was a great article! Way to go Dr. Magleby! And I LOVE your skirt Clarissa!