Thursday, July 25, 2013

Small Controlled Explosions, Mainly

As long as you post about a holiday before the month is out it’s not considered TOO far behind, right?  Besides, “Baby’s First 4th of July” was much too fun to skip over.  How can you not love a holiday about freedom, truth, beauty, and love?  Oh, and explosions and food.

The food part was fantastic.  We started the day off at Magleby’s Fresh (no, you don’t get a discount if your last name is Magleby.  Lame, right?).  Baby’s first try of syrup and whipped cream was hilarious.  You’d think that flavored gooey sugar mixed with creamy sugar would be a child’s delight, but nooooo.

 Post brunch we hung out at the Judkins BBQ where Eli’s career was predetermined for him by his Maymay.  We obviously have high hopes for this kid’s IQ and ambition.

In the meantime, he loved hanging out with his cousin Oliver, whose career has also been chosen.  So let it be on a onesie, so let it be done.


After two delicious barbeques we headed down to our traditional spot across the street from the Provo stadium to watch Kelly Clarkson on the big screen and lay on our backs to see the fireworks.  I was worried that the fireworks might be too much for Eli so late at night so it was with some trepidation and extra blankets for ear padding that we brought him but he handled it like a champ.  Didn’t even phase him.  

We spent the holiday weekend at a mini Allred reunion at our cabin.  Thanks to Hans and Laura and their  generous donation of weapons, ammo and expertise our time was dedicated to all things manly and fun: shooting, driving ATVs, hiking, gaming and constant eating.  What’s not to love?

Zach took to the bow and arrow and guns like he was born that way.  I’m not sure why I found it so comforting that he rocked it but I did.  Basic primate instincts I guess- my man is a protector.  On a side note, please ignore my hair.  We were at the cabin.  Hair is not a priority there.


This is an extremely rare sight.  Mom really isn’t IN to the whole gun scene and did her best to discourage her sons.  She ended up with one son in the army and one licensed gun totin’ enthusiast who is quickly corrupting the third.  Her own detour off the strait and narrow began when she realized that she could make a soda can fizzle and explode in one shot.  It was hard to make her take turns after that.

Our four-wheeling destination.  You know it's good when you come back with a dirt beard and eyebrows.

This was Eli’s first chance to commune with any kind of nature aside from the 20’x20’ lawn outside our apartment.  As you can see he was less than excited when he realized that he was not allowed to put any of it in his mouth.

And finally, for the official record, despite all of Zach’s manliness I did manage to kick his trash in ping pong five games to ZERO.   That's right.  I'm the guy on the far end.

Zach: and that video is why no American has ever won a gold medal in ping pong...

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  1. That post was HALARIOUS! You guys had fun! Clarissa, you should write a book, you are fun to read.:) I love Eli! Xoxo guys!