Thursday, January 15, 2015

They Get it DONE

Every few months or so, we get a visit from the much beloved grandparents.  They spread their love in numerous ways- watching Eli, taking us to dinner, playing with Eli, touring our town with us, and hanging out with Eli are just a few.

I look forward to every trip for another special reason: when Mom and Dad come to visit, things get DONE.  So not only are we left with happier souls and a more spoiled Eli at the end of a visit, but also a physical improvement to our never-ending project, the house.

First and foremost was to get a new kitchen faucet (Dad the plumber, above) that actually gave us hot water.  A serious improvement in any culinary or cleaning enterprise.

Next was to update the major lighting fixtures.  These are all the small, relatively inexpensive but labor intensive procedures that make a big difference in the way I feel about my house.

Before and after.  From ugly old ceiling fan to LIGHT in the living room.  What a concept.
I loved getting rid of the globe lights in the living room and halls.  I honestly believe it makes the ceiling look taller.

This most recent trip was all about light switches and outlets.  Old, painted over beige plates don't look good with gray walls and white trim.  While changing them out we discovered some rather impressive wiring tricks that weren't exactly to code, but were effective.  The things you learn when you own your own house.  Also, 12 gauge wire is a beast.
So much cleaner looking.  5 down, 42 to go.
Thanks for a great and satisfying weekend Mom and Dad!  Next up: the garage.

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