Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Growing up too fast

Eli's first kiss.  November 2014
Eli and his best girlfrenemy had their first sleep-over this weekend.  In separate cribs of course- we do try to keep up appearances.  Miss Gwendolyn's parents went for a weekend of fun that did not include their toddler so they asked if we could watch her.  We were honored they would trust us so much, even if it meant putting Eli on a stricter curfew than usual.

Eli and Gwen have a very intense relationship.  They either love each other or, in Eli's case, are trying to pull out each others eyeballs with their bare fingernails.  The picture below captures a rare moment where they are both engaged in the same activity and not fighting over a particular item or trying to stop the other from doing something.

 We did not try to keep up appearances during bath time.  While they both agreed that the bath itself was the best thing ever, getting one's hair wet is the worst mortal experience you can be put through.

I love having Gwen around because she is much, much tougher than Eli.  She cries about a twelfth as much as he does and is always "otay" after any fall, bump or bruise (emotional or physical).  She brings out the man in Eli, who has lately been scared of the medium and large slides at the playground after loving them only last summer.  But, after watching Gwen go down (face-first I might add) he decided he had to prove himself.  It was a proud moment for all of us.

I feel like having a kid divided my brain in half.  One half for what I used to use a full brain for, and half for Eli.  Having Gwen turned everything into thirds, and I shudder to think what my processing power will look like after a few more kids.  Still, it was fun to have people at the grocery store tell us how adorable our twins were.  Worth it.

You'll always be chasing her, kid.

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