Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The merry merry month of March

Unlike our favorite sister and brother-in-law in New York, March brought pretty stellar weather to these parts.  Naturally the first thing to do was to go out and buy some hot sunglasses so that Eli could cruise the neighborhood in style.

 Then we hit the parks.  Where have these marvelous things been for the past 4 months?  We go, I enjoy the sun and idealistic images of my child's childhood, and Eli gets dirty and wears himself out.  It's a win for everyone until it's time to pack it up and go home.  Then the world ends.

Somehow even with all the fresh, healthy air we still managed to catch March Misery.  So.  Many.  Fluids.  I felt I was sufficiently warned about blowouts, spit ups, drool, and surprise pee squirts while I was pregnant, but I honestly could not have anticipated how many tissues and boogie wipes we could run through, or that my child would wake up as an unrecognizable lizard with scales all over his face.

 Our friendly household pharmacist dosed him with Zyrtec to try and plug the leaks, but it merely turned him into a leaking, staring zombie for 6 hours.  Zach checked and rechecked his dosing, but apparently Eli just can't handle his meds.

March is also the month that Zach gets old(er).  Because Zach feels the love through good food, we headed home to Utah to celebrate his birthday.  Elko is a little short on said love.  And we got to hang out with family, which is always a plus.
Note all the kiddos hanging around to make sure Zach is capable of blowing out his own candles.
Eli and Ollie, the two popsicle lovers
Swing with Grandpa
Swinging with Dad
Coolest uncle with the nephews
Zach's second family birthday dinner at the new Magleby abode
Grandma finally got Eli to sleep via Popular Science
To wrap Zach's birthday celebration week we saw Les Miserables at the local Elko theatre where my friend Carson did a marvelous job playing Cosette.  Val Jean is also pictured here, looking much cheesier than he did on stage.

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