Monday, March 2, 2015

Entering the Terrible Terrific Twos

Eli had a birthday.  This kid is now two. 
Did he notice? 
I don't know. 
Does he feel different now that he's officially not a baby anymore? 
I doubt it.
Did he have any kind of opinion on what he wanted to do to celebrate? 
So Zach and I threw a toga party with our favorite people and with our favorite cake because this is the last year that Eli won't have his own ideas.

Eli threw himself into the terrible twos with vigor, starting with a night of no sleep and ridiculous grumpiness on party day.  He flat out refused to wear the toga and helmet he had been so excited about the day before, so I apologize for the lack of birthday boy pictures.  Luckily we had plenty of cute nieces and nephews to make up for it, and Chanel modeled the helmet admirably.

Thank you to everyone that came and made Eli notice just how loved he is!

To wrap up the birthday weekend we took a hike up Rock Canyon with Grandpa.  It was slow going, with lots of pauses to pick up rocks and throw them, but it was popular all around.


Whenever I think back on life before Eli I get the sense that I'm forgetting or missing something.  Now I can't even imagine a future without him.  We love this little stud!

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