Thursday, June 23, 2016

Oh what [on earth] do you do in the summertime?

It seems these days that on the rare occasions that Zach has some time off, we're out of town.  The days that he's working it's just me, Eli and Porter, from breakfast to bedtime.  All.  Day.  Long.  Some days we're crazy busy with errands and activities, and other days it's difficult to stave off utter boredom.  When the walls start closing in, we have a few stalwart options we can always turn to:

We hit that trampoline.  Hours of entertainment (with funny hats or otherwise) and exercise (wear them out! wear them out!) have been provided by this marvelous contraption.

Walks.  So many walks.  Nothing calms the post-feeding craze like a nice long constitutional.  And, when they're not poking each other, there's not a sight I love more in the world than looking down and seeing my boys sitting side by side with limbs overlapping and heads pressed together.

Dress-ups: totally not just for girls.  These fierce ninja turtles prove that.  Eli can turn into any superhero or animal at the drop of a hat, and Porter is always a willing sidekick.

Our backyard empties out into a park, and we can be found there nearly every day.  My friends and I agree that there's nothing like aimless running, climbing, and shrieking to get a kid ready for naps. 

But sometimes we get desperate for a change, so when our friends invited us up to Twin Falls for a few days I pounced at the chance.  It was my first time traveling solo with both kids, but they were fantastic for the 3 hour drive.  And although the night was rough (never again will I willingly share a bed with Eli- it's like sleeping with a bulldozer) it was totally worth it to reunite Eli with his beloved Gwen.
The kiddie pool.  After this trip we bought our own because the boys had such a good time!

It doesn't take much to impress 3 year-olds with science

On our last day we visited Shoshone Falls.  Eli fell in love with the waterfalls, but because Zach has taken to watching YouTube videos of tornadoes with him, he was absolutely terrified of the wind.

Hiking with his lady-love.
Much thanks to the Leavitts for refreshing our summer!  If you're looking to refresh your own summer, we've got two super cute attractions here in Elko for a limited time only.

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