Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Walker Baby

SCENE:  I'm home alone with the kids right before bed time.  We hear a noise downstairs.
Eli: "Did you hear that?"
Mom: "Yeah, I think that's probably the water heater."
Eli: "No, that's The Walker Baby."

SCENE: Eli has been in bed for half an hour, hoping to be awake when Daddy gets home.  I hear banging on his walls.
Mom: "Eli, bud, whatcha doing to the wall?"
Eli: "It wasn't me Mom!  It was The Walker Baby.  He's naughty sometimes."
SCENE: I'm dressing Eli in his jammies and notice a scratch on his leg from playing outside.
Mom: "Hey Eli your scratch is looking better!  It's almost all healed up!"
Eli: "Yeah, that's just from The Walker Baby.  The Walker Baby has long long LONG nails."


From left to right: Porter, The Walker Baby, Eli, Mom and Dad
I felt, when The Walker Baby was first introduced into our lives, that Eli had chosen his imaginary friend poorly.  No mother with a husband who works most evenings needs that kind of influence in her life.  But now, luckily, The Walker Baby has evolved into a slightly less terrifying character.  According to what I can glean from Eli:

- Sometimes it's a girl, sometimes a boy
- It has long green hair
- It will be having a castle birthday party
- It lives in Elko in a house
- It has 5 brothers and sisters, one of which is a baby boy
- It's world is cloudy
- It has lots of dandelions, and they taste like art
- It is currently sick, and is sneezing a lot
- IT likes to play with her monster toys

Essentially harmless, right? 
BUT.  If we happen to disappear mysteriously, you know who to blame.

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