Monday, August 29, 2016

In which the Judkins love their families

When we told our neighbors that we were leaving for a week in August for a family reunion the conversation went something like this:

"Wait, didn't you just barely have a family reunion?  Like in June? And then some other shindig in July?"
"Yes, but that was Zach's mother's side of the family and then Clarissa's mom's side.  This one is just Zach's immediate family, and then we're going straight to Clarissa's dad's family, and we're also trying to squeeze in a visit with Clarissa's second cousin."
[theatrical shaking of head] "Mormons."

Dang straight!  We absolutely love our family reunions because we absolutely love our families, crazies and all.

We started the trip with Anthon and Melissa, our cousins and Eli's godparents.  They're been living the hardcore life in Jeddah the last two years working for the State Department, so the visit was long overdue.
Porter and William- they'll be buddies someday.

Goodbye breakfast at Guru's.  We'll miss you guys!
Next we journeyed down to St. George to be with the Judkins.  Every time we get together I feel like our family has exploded and children are raining down all over the place.  It's chaotic and fun and full of good times.
Ollie, James & Eli: the Three Muskateers
Porter and Louisa giving "baby loves" (scratches)
Digging in the sand dunes
By the end of our trip Eli became brave enough to float in his wings by himself.
For us, it was a huge step forward.  Now if only we could persuade him to get
his head wet...
Porter loved the pool!

The proud matriarch and patriarch
So much cousin love!
Due to spectacular luck and coincidence, the Magleby reunion was also in St. George, and only overlapped by one evening, which was extraordinarily convenient for us.  If you've ever driven the road up north through Nevada, you know it's an experience to avoid as much as possible.

We took Eli to his first live play: Tarzan at the Tuacahn.  It was wildly popular!

Porter and Big Maimai
 We had even more pool time and delicious food with the Maglebys while we chatted and watched the Olympics.  It was a wonderful time.  Thanks family!

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