Monday, August 22, 2016

Julying 2016

I have to face it- July was a while ago.  But I'd still like to record at least some parts of it, so we'll resort to cranking out a highlights reel:

Zach Worked A Month Straight
Some highlight, huh?  But apparently it was a weird kind of goal of his (along with working 24 hours straight, achieved in DC in 2010).  Now that it's been checked off, I hope we never, EVER revisit it.
Happily though, the end of July brought the end of working for Kmart.  Zach is now gainfully and much less stressfully employed at the Smith's Pharmacy two blocks down.

Sympathy Gathering from Family
While Zach was accomplishing his goal, I took the boys to Utah for a week where we hiked with the Judkins and celebrated the 4th of July and my grandmother's birthday with the Maglebys

Finally Started Exploring Our Own Backyard
My brave friend let me throw my kids into her minivan with her own three and we headed up Lamoille Canyon.  I feel spoiled having grown up around places like Sundance, but this place was none too shabby.  Dear family, we finally have places to take you when you come to visit (besides the casinos and brothels, that is).

Art in Park
During which the train was ridden repeatedly and much ice cream was consumed

A Visit from Eli's Girlfriend
We all just love Gwen.  So much so that I'm willing to brave all the spiders, seen and unseen, that live in our window well to rescue her My Little Ponies and mail them back to her.

Eli Took Swimming Lessons
As a (once upon a time) swimmer, I was so very excited for this day.  Eli had more... mixed feelings.  He liked splashing around and holding the toys, but putting his face in the water was a no-go.  Next year I guess.

Eli Also Took Tumbling Lessons
I'm pretty sure that no gymnastic instruction was retained, but he loved jumping and rolling around with his new buddies. 

And Cuteness Abounded

The End.

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