Monday, December 12, 2016

Poor November

It's not like there's anything wrong with November, November is an awesome month; it has my birthday, Thanksgiving, fall weather, etc.  I just never seem to blog in November.  Then when I get pumped to write about December happenings I put it off because poor November has been neglected until I can stand it no longer and just do a November highlights post.  This year is no exception.


Birthday Times
All I wanted for my birthday this year was to have one morning where I could sleep in with Zach as long as I wanted to and not have to wake up to immediate child caring.  Thanks to my sweet parents and husband my wish was granted.  The weekend before my birthday we dropped the boys off with their doting grandparents and Zach and I had a marvelous two days in Park City, full of delicious food and child-free shopping. 

When we got back the Judkins were so sweet as to have a second birthday celebration for me, complete with Tawny's amazing desserts.  That woman's pastry skills amaze me.  

On my actual birthday we were home and Zach had to work, but that didn't stop me, Eli and Porter from making and consuming large amounts of banana cream pie.

Thanks to the Haights (who are great) Zach and I started out our Thanksgiving with a 5k at Thanksgiving Point.  Since I signed up just two weeks before, it seemed pointless to try and train so we both did it cold turkey (get it? So punny).  I've been more sore after a race, but not that much more.

As our contribution to the food, Eli put his play doh skills to practical use and made pie after pie with Grandma:

We pulled off two Thanksgiving dinners again this year and it was as crazy as ever.  At the Magleby's Porter ate his first ever turkey dinner (if "eating" can be defined as dipping everything in your water glass and smushing it around your tray and down your pants) and Eli loved hanging with his cousins.

We didn't get any pictures of the food at the Judkins' (which is a shame because it was way yummy) but there was lots of this action, which made my heart happy:

Fall Weather
Despite having two trees removed from our yard in October we still ended up raking a ridiculous amount of leaves (20 garbage bags full, to be precise).  But Porter and Eli loved it so much that it was almost worth it.

 It was just in time too, because before December could even start it snowed, which fulfilled all of Eli's greatest fantasies.  Porter had no fantasies, but ate the snow anyway.

Family Pictures
As our final November highlight, we had family pictures taken by the talented Randy.  The children
(and, let's be honest- the husband) were not thrilled, and no amount of degrading antics or silly faces could get Porter to smile for a single shot.  But I love them anyway.


  1. (Melissa:) Your birthday sounds like a dream to every young mother :-)
    So cute to see how the boys are growing up and changing.