Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Many are the traditions of the Magleby family, but the most diligently kept and my personal favorite is the Little America Christmas Weekend.  Every year we swim at the hotel, have dinner in the cafe, ride Trax to see the lights on Temple Square, meet back for treats, sleep (or not sleep, depending on child status) have the delicious brunch at the hotel, and see A Christmas Carol at the Hale Theater.  It's magical.

This whole shebang acts as a dual heart-warmer for me because it happens to be the weekend that, seven years ago, my own little family started when Zach proposed.  So, no matter what obstacles or distances might stand in our way, when the Maglebys meet at Little America we are THERE.

Port and Eli at dinner.  Rolls added to rolls upon rolls.

Riding Trax

The Founders of the Feast and Fun

Maglebys! No, we don't own the restaurant.
We took pictures at the beginning, giving the impression that our kids were happy and energetic the whole visit.  A false impression.

Running through the hotel with McKenna

Best. Breakfast. Ever. Always.

Eli was finally old enough to see the play with us this year (ok, maybe we padded his age by two months) and despite a few scares from the ghosts of Marley and Christmas Yet To Come, he liked it quite a bit.  Quote, "the actors were so fun!"   In fact, Eli loved the whole trip and I think this is the year that he will finally remember it.  A toast to passing on traditions!


  1. What a neat idea! We have to come up with more Christmas traditions or some Christmas getaway each year.
    Looks like you all had a lot of fun <3