Monday, March 13, 2017

Things to Remember: Eli at 4

Height: 42"
Weight: 41 lbs
Favorite food: Spaghetti with Meatballs
Favorite Movie: Trolls
Favorite Song: Can't Stop the Feeling (Justin Timberlake) On repeat. And repeat.  And repeat.
Favorite Phrase: Suns out guns out! (complete with flexing pose)
Favorite Book: Anything Gerald and Piggie or Oliver Jeffers
Favorite Superhero: Batman, or possibly Robin (thanks Lego Batman Movie!)
Greatest Fear: Being alone in his room

Oh this kid.  We love him.  Eli is starting to piece together his world and the rules that govern it.  Currently he is fascinated by signs.  We'll be driving in the car and he'll suddenly screech, "MOM!  STOP SIGN FACING THIS DIRECTION!  YOU'D BETTER STOOOOOOOPPPPP!!!"  I'm used to it now, but the first few times I nearly had a heart attack.  He's the expert on No U-Turn signs ("Circle with a LINE Mom!") and Pedestrian Crosswalk.  It certainly makes driving interesting.

One of Eli's life rules is that anything that Dad does is cool.  He loves "playing" Zach's games with him, wrestling, and of course, eating.

Eli and Porter are constantly trying to figure out their relationship.  Are they best friends?  Are they worst enemies?  Sometimes Eli is totally cool with letting Porter ride on his back, other times he's near death if Porter so much as looks at him the wrong way.

On the whole they get along, and when they REALLY get along it melt my heart.

Zach and I (as parents are wont to do) are amazed by Eli's creativity.  He is big into drawing something, cutting it out, and then taping it to something else.  Our kitchen is basically wallpapered in his artwork.
"Be happy like Robin!  -Eli"
Now that he's four, Eli has been enjoying regular dates with Mom and/or Dad.  He's super easy to entertain.  We spent half an hour in an arcade last month without having to spend a dime, but Eli still managed to shoot all the bad guys and win all the races.

I feel like our first, experimental child is turning out rather well!

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