Monday, March 13, 2017

Trolls in Excess

Eli told everyone that he knew, anyone he might know, and anyone that happened to cross his path, that he was going to have a Trolls birthday party.  He picked out a Trolls cake, Trolls invitations, Trolls party favors, and would have required everyone wear Trolls costumes, but we had to draw the line somewhere.  He is, without a doubt, obsessed with Trolls.

Zach and I, however, are pretty over this Trolls phase.  Can't Stop the Feeling is a great song and all, but after 1,000 times.... the feeling is gone.  We decided we'd do this birthday party, and then try and wean Eli steadily off.
Trolls cake!

Trolls Bingo!

Trolls pinata!

It would seem our family had other ideas.  Eli received no less than two sets of Trolls figurines for his birthday, plus cake toppers, meaning we have 4 Poppys, 3 Branches, and a dozen other trolls floating around our house at all times.  He also received the Trolls movie, so guess how many times we've watched that this last month?

I love this picture of the boys lined up watching the movie!  We love our cousins.

Eli's actual birthday was on a Sunday, and after church we asked Eli what he wanted to do.  He said see a waterfall, so that was what we did.  In the cold rain.  In heels.  Anything for my birthday boy!

Zach and I decided that this was the year of the bike (NOT a Trolls bike, as was requested).  We had it all set up with the balloons then blindfolded Eli to take him to it.  His reaction was soooooo anticlimactic.  He was obviously less than thrilled.
But!  Once we got him on it he would NOT GET OFF.  We went around the cul-de-sac over and over despite the rain.  Houston, we have a winner.

Eli and McKenna share a birthday weekend, so we had a second Magleby family party for them.  It was Troll/fairy princess themed, which worked out better than one would think.

The birthday kiddos
Overall, the weekend was a Troll-saturated, techni-color success.  Thanks to our wonderful family for hosting and partying with us!

Special thanks to my Dad for recommending, assembling and adjusting Eli's bike.  Even more special thanks to all the family who gave us Trolls paraphernalia- you know who you are!  We can't won't forget it!

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