Tuesday, June 27, 2017

That Holiday 2 Months Ago + Other Stuff

We had a weekend visit to Provo back in April that was so jam-packed with happenings that I can't avoid blogging about it, no matter how behind I am.  I'll keep it brief.

First, my Mom and I threw a bridal shower for my little brother's fiance.  It went off beautifully and although the picture is fuzzy just know that Aloura was radiant.  My little circle of sister-in-laws is now complete and I am so grateful to have them all in my life!

Next, Easter.  I've said it before and I'll say it again- holidays are so much more fun with kids!  Eli and Porter were so enthusiastic about their baskets, the egg hunts, and THE CANDY.  Everything but the pictures, which they only barely survived.

I love nothing better than the sight of my two little boys in matching bow-ties.  Too matchy-matchy?  Too old-fashioned?  Porter looks like an old pot-bellied man?  Ha ha NO.  It was straight-up adorable.

We spent the day hanging out with our wonderful families.  In Porter's case, the apex moment was threatening Uncle Isaac's life.

Finally, Zach and I managed to slip away for a night for an absolutely wonderful anniversary retreat.  Seven years.  What?!
I sometimes wonder if there's much we still have to learn about each other, but I did learn, immediately after taking the picture below, that Zach doesn't like to take pictures "just to remember the day".  If he's going to take a picture, he wants it to be somewhere "worthwhile", feeling suave.  Not the parking lot of Little America.  Also, he detests family portraits.  Now we know where the boys get it from.

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