Sunday, July 9, 2017

Joyous Joyschool

Eli has completed his first scholastic achievement: Joyschool Graduation.

Now, hold your applause.  Joyschool was basically a more structured play date, but the kids (and sometimes the moms) loved it.  And, occasionally, they even retained some knowledge.

Here are the highlights from our "School Year".

First day of class!

Green Lantern, Flash, Sophia the 1st, Joy, and Cheetah Babe 
at our Halloween Party

Christmas Party

Learning about money at 'Dad's Snack Store'

St. Patrick's Day

Scientific explosions 

Storytime Yoga

We had a little graduation party with some friends at the park to celebrate our smartypants kiddos.  So much fun!

On to preschool in the Fall!

Special thanks to Pinterest for providing pretty much every idea and lesson activity/coloring pages.

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